ND Outdoor Heritage Fund Advisory Board

Tuesday, June 15, 2021
8:00 a.m. CT
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Harvest Room, State Capitol
Due to public health considerations to stay healthy and slow the spread of COVID-19, please attend the meeting remotely and join through Microsoft Teams at this link:
I.     Call to Order and Determination of Quorum - Bob Kuylen, Chairman

II.   Consideration of June 15, 2021 agenda (additions/deletions) - Bob Kuylen

III.   Consideration of October 27, 2020 and March 10, 2021 meeting minutes (Attachment A)

IV.   Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF) Financial Report (Attachment B) - Karlene Fine

(approximately 8:10 a.m.)
V.    Presentations:
    1.   18-12 (B) NDSU - North Dakota Forest Service: North Dakota Statewide Windbreak Renovation Initiative 2.0, $300,000
    2.   18-21 (B) North Dakota Natural Resources Trust: Grazing Resiliency in the Bakken (GRB), $1,290,000
    3.   18-18 (B) Little Missouri Grazing Association: Little Missouri Grazing Association - Deep Creek Watershed Conservation Project, $227,102
    4.   18-19 (B) ND Medora Grazing Association: Medora Grazing Association - Water Well Development Program, $245,800
    5.   18-20 (B) North Dakota Conservation District Employees Association (NDCDEA): NDCDEA Statewide Tree Planting Initiative, $2,550,000
    6.   18-22 (C) North Dakota Natural Resources Trust: Wildlife and Livestock Dams - Wetlands Creation, Restoration and Enhancement, $250,000
    7.   18-8 (C) Glen Ullin Park District: Bringing Fish to Glen Ullin, $56,042
    8.   18-1 (C) Audubon Dakota: Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative Expansion Phase II, $620,760
Break (15 minutes)
(approximately 10:00 a.m.)
    9.   18-5 (A) City of New Town: Edgewater Country Club Boat Dock, $60,000
    10.  18-16 (A) Barnes County Park Board: Sheyenne River Water Trail, $170,000
    11.  18-15 (D) Barnes County Park Board: Monson Park and Trail, $42,525
    12.  18-23 (D) State Historical Society of North Dakota: Writing Rock State Historic Site Playground Facilities Update, $10,000
    13.  18-13 (D) NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center: Dickinson Research Extension Center Virtual Arboretum and Crop Tour, $18,440
    14.  18-2 (D) Bottineau Winter Park, Inc.: Bottineau Winter Park Infrastructure and Program Improvements, $923,575
    15.  18-3 (D) Bowman Parks and Recreation: Southwest Shooting Club Range, $219,401
    16.  18-4 (D) Center Park Board: Center Park Board Lehmkuhl Park New Equipment, $10,000
Break for Lunch (20 minutes)
(approximately 12:00 p.m.)
    17.   18-6 (D) Dunn County Park Board: Lake Ilo Natural Playscape, $6,471
    18.  18-7 (D) Enderlin Park Board: Maple River Bank Stabilization Project – Enderlin, $55,250
    19.   18-9 (D) Grafton Parks and Recreation: Leistikow Park Outdoor Community/ Event Center, $28,386
    20.   18-10 (D) LaMoure Lions: Sunset Park Revitalization Project, $35,000
    21.   18-11 (D) Mountrail County: Clear Lake Park - Grain Bin Gazebos and Tree Planting Project, $57,870
    22.   18-14 (D)Valley-Edinburg School District #118 – DPI: Crystal Playground Project, $10,000
    23.   18-17 (D) Geographical Center Historical Society: Prairie Village Museum Edible Green Space, $17,066
    24.   18-24 (D) City of Dunseith: Dunseith Park Plan, $41,000
VI.    Public Comment on Applications
Break (10 minutes)
(approximately 2:15 p.m.)
VII.    General Discussion by the OHF Advisory Board on the Grant Round 18 applications

(approximately 4:00 p.m.)
VIII.    Completion and Compilation of Scoring Sheets & Completion of Ranking Sheets

Break (20 minutes)
(approximately 4:20 p.m.)
VIII.   OHF Advisory Board will vote on Funding Award Recommendations*

IX.  Other Business
    1.  Clean Sustainable Energy Authority (CSEA)*

    a. Selection of OHF Board member to serve on CSEA

    b. Term limits of service on CSEA

    2.  Resolutions of Appreciation
    3. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
X.   Adjournment

    *requires roll call votes