North Dakota Industrial Commission
Outdoor Heritage Fund
State Capitol, 14th Floor, 600 E Boulevard Ave. Dept. 405
Bismarck, ND 58505-0840
Phone: 701-328-3722 Fax: 701-328-2820
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Industrial Commission OHF Grant Round One Approvals

OHF Advisory Board Grant Round One Recommendations

Grant Round 1 Applications-December 2, 2013:                 Listing Round 1 Applications

OHF-001-00A-Sheyenne River Sedimentation Reduction Project

OHF-001-00B-Community Outdoor Fitness Park

OHF-001-00C-Wildlife Education and Recreation Center

REVISED   OHF-001-00D-Nelson Lake West Side Boat Landing

OHF-001-00E-Tallgrass Prairie Seed Source Program

OHF-001-00F-Outdoor Adventures Initiative 2014

OHF-001-00G-Beulah Park District Lions Park Renovation Project

OHF-001-00H-Minot to Velva Multi-Use Path Phase I

OHF-001-00I-Behavioral Attractants for Monitoring Important Insect Pollinators of North Dakota

OHF-001-00J-Antelope Creek Wild Rice Corridor Watershed Restoration Project

OHF-001-00K-Carrington CrossRoads Golf Course Shelter/Restroom

OHF-001-00L-Winter Cereals Sustainability in Action

OHF-001-00M-Wild Rice River Restoration and Riparian Project Phase II

OHF-001-00N-Ransom County Water Quality Improvement Project

OHF-001-00O-Bismarck Rotary Arboretum Accessibility, Conservation & Interpretive Improvements

OHF-001-00P-Implementing a Holistic Approach to Rangeland Management& Land Conservation through Mentoring & Education

OHF-001-00Q-Bowman County Conservation Grazing Project

OHF-001-00R-Valley City Riverfront Greenway & Restoration Project

OHF-001-00S-Optimizing Crop Rotation Strategies to Improve Disease Management and Increase Crop Yields in ND Wheat and Field Pea Production

OHF-001-00T-Trailhead/Neighborhood Park

OHF-001-00U-Old Settlers Sewer & Water Hookups

OHF-001-00V-Project LL Paving

OHF-001-00W-Artificial Nesting Habitat Improvement

OHF-001-00X-Rebuild the Tioga Pool

OHF-001-00Y-Enhancing Stewardship & Agronomic Benefits of Seasonal Wetlands for Producers & Wildlife in ND

OHF-001-00Z-Maah Daah Hey Trail Administrator

OHF-001-0AA-Forest Stewardship Initiative

OHF-001-0BB-Hankinson City Park Restroom Replacement & Playground Addition

OHF-001-0CC-Golden Ridge Neighborhood Community Garden

OHF-001-0DD-2013 Paving Project, McKenzie Bay Recreation Area

APPLICATION WITHDRAWN   OHF-001-0EE-Beulah Bay Campground Expansion & Conservation Project

OHF-001-0FF-LSC 20,000 Trees by 2020

OHF-001-0GG-Stump Lake Park Improvement

REVISED   OHF-001-0HH-Spring Creek & Iglehart Subdivision's Concrete Boat Ramp

OHF-001-0II-Marcus Friskop Nature Center-Hankinson Public School

OHF-001-0JJ-Beulah School & Community Outdoor Project

OHF-001-0KK-Warwick Dam Modification & Rehabilitation (State Water Commission Project No. 0240)

OHF-001-0LL-Aquatic Habitat Infrastructure Enhancement

REVISED   OHF-001-0MM-Mt. Carmel Dam Recreation Area Bathhouse

OHF-001-0NN-Selection & Evaluation of Ornamental Woody Plants Suitable for Parks, Recreational Areas and City Plantings for Western ND

OHF-001-0OO-Restoring Public Use of the Port of Bismarck on the Missouri River

OHF-001-0PP-Tinta Tawa Park Pavement Renovation

OHF-001-0QQ-Natural Resource Stewardship in ND Parks, Preserves & Natural Areas

OHF-001-0RR-Red River Riparian Project

OHF-001-0SS-Centennial Park Woodland Trail & Souris River Recreation Access Plan

OHF-001-0TT-ND Game & Fish Department Outdoor Heritage Habitat Initiative

OHF-001-0UU-Riverside Park Enhancement Project

OHF-001-0VV-ND Statewide Conservation Tree Planting Initiative

OHF-001-0WW-Management Strategies to improve Conservation Reserve Program Habitat Quality & Livestock Grazing Value

OHF-001-0XX-Documenting Aquatic Organisms of ND Rivers

OHF-001-0YY-ND 4-H Camp

OHF-001-0ZZ-Pheasants Forever Bismarck Chapter Tree Equipment

OHF-001-AAA-Enhanced Grazing Lands & Wildlife Habitat Phase I

OHF-001-BBB-Turtle Mountain Chippewa Outdoor Heritage Fund

APPLICATION WITHDRAWN   OHF-001-CCC-Pheasants Forever Sakakawea Wildlife Project

OHF-001-DDD-Working Lands Partnership

OHF-001-EEE-Restoring an Urban Riparian Forest

OHF-001-FFF-McDowell Dam Water Access & Fishing Improvements

OHF-001-GGG-Resistance to Invasion by Poa pratensis in ND Prairies

OHF-001-HHH-Spring Creek Watershed-Cross Fencing for Grazing Management

OHF-001-III-Food Barley-Adding Value & Diversity to Western ND Farms

OHF-001-JJJ-Trail Restoration & Improvement Program

OHF-001-KKK-Devils Lake Winter Ice Fishing Trail System

REVISED   OHF-001-LLL-Schatz Point South Side Boat Ramp

OHF-001-MMM-ND Hen House Project I

OHF-001-NNN-Kitchen Table Conversations for Private Land Conservation

OHF-001-OOO-Enhancing the Wildlife Value of Working & Public Lands in the Grand Forks Prairie Project Area Through Demonstrated Land Management

OHF-001-PPP-Public Land Enhancement Program

OHF-001-QQQ-Perennial Grass Establishment with Grazing Plan

OHF-001-RRR-Mapping of Tribal Land for Sportsmen

OHF-001-SSS-Measurable & Sustainable Agricultural, Economic, Watershed & Wildlife Impacts with Cover Crops Along the 49th Parallel

OHF-001-TTT-Recreational Trail Reconstruction in Response to Mineral Development at Little Missouri State Park

OHF-001-UUU-Habitat Enhancing Biofuel Crops

OHF-001-VVV-ND Wetland Certification Review Initiative

OHF-001-WWW-Conservation of Long-billed Curlews on Private Lands in SW ND

OHF-001-XXX-City of Munich Playground Equipment Fund

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Mailing Address:
Karlene Fine
Industrial Commission
State Capitol 14th Floor
600 E. Boulevard Ave. Dept. 405
Bismarck, ND 58505-0840
Phone: (701)328-3722
Fax: (701)328-2820

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