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Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program
State Capitol, 14th Floor, 600 E Boulevard Ave. Dept. 405
Bismarck, ND 58505-0840
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Lignite Research Council Agenda

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
1:30 p.m. (CDT) -- Ramada Bismarck Hotel(formerly Doublewood Inn)-(Judicial Room)
1400 East Interchange Avenue (I-94 & Exit 159)- Bismarck, North Dakota

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I.     Approval of Minutes: Lignite Research Council Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2012 - John Dwyer

II.    Program Financial Summary - Karlene Fine and Michael L. Jones, Ph.D.

III.   Lignite, Research Development and Marketing Program Updates - Michael L. Jones, Ph.D.

 NOTE: The applicant for proposal LRC-LXXV-C has requested confidentiality for portions of the grant application. As much information as possible will be presented in open session, and the review of and discussion on the confidential portions of this grant application will be held in confidential session. The applicant for proposal LRC-LXXV-D has requested confidentiality for their response to the Technical Peer Reviewers' comments. The confidential material as well as any technical reviewer comments regarding the confidential material will be distributed during the confidential portion of the meeting.

IV.     Grant Round LXXV (75) - Applications - Michael L. Jones, Ph.D.
        A. LRC-LXXV(75)-A "Advancing CO2 Capture Technology: Partnership for CO2 Capture (PCO2C) Phase III" Submitted by: Energy & Environmental Research Center; Request for $500,000; Total Project Costs $5,398,000; Principal Investigator: John Kay
             1. Technical Peer Reviewers' Rating - A
             2. Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments - A
             3. Technical Advisor's Summary and Recommendation - A

        B. LRC-LXXV(75)-B "Energy Curriculum Project" Submitted by: Bismarck State College; Request for: $75,000; Total Project Costs: $155,000; Principal Investigator: Emily McKay
             1. Technical Peer Reviewers' Rating - B
             2. Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments - B
             3. Bismarck State College Response to Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments - B
             4. Technical Advisor's Summary and Recommendation - B

        D. LRC-LXXV(75)-D "Feasibility Assessment of the NET Power Electric-Generation Technology when fueled with North Dakota lignite" Submitted by: ALLETE; Request for: $150,000; Total Project Costs: $1,000,000; Principal Investigator: William Sawyer
             1. Technical Peer Reviewers' Rating - D
             2. Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments - D
             3. Non-confidential version: ALLETE Response to Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments - D (Confidential version to be handed out at meeting.)
             4. Technical Advisor's Summary and Recommendation - D

 NOTE: Prior to going into the closed confidential session, there will be an overview of grant application LRC-LXXV-C.
(Motion required for confidential session.)

        C. LRC-LXXV(75)-C "Implementation of Regional Lignite Energy Marketing Plan - Phase VI" Submitted by: Lignite Energy Council; Request for: $1,800,000 ($600,000 Annually for Three Years); Total Project Costs $3,600,000; Principal Investigator: Lignite Energy Council
             1. Technical Peer Reviewers' Rating - C
             2. Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments - C
             3. LEC's Response to Technical Peer Reviewers' Comments- C
             4. Executive Director's Summary and Recommendation - C

 Open Session - (Motion required to return to open session.)

V.     2013 Calendar (as of 5-21-13)
        A. Grant Application Date remaining for 2013: October 1
        B. Next Lignite Research Council Meeting: November 19, 2013 at Ramada Bismarck Hotel

VI.     Discussion
        A. Results from the 2013 Legislature
        B. New Executive Order signed by Gov. Jack Dalrymple

VII.    Other Business

VIII.    Adjourn

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Karlene Fine
Industrial Commission
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Bismarck, ND 58505-0840
Phone: (701)328-3722
Fax: (701)328-2820
E-mail: ndicinfo@nd.gov
Jason Bohrer
Lignite Energy Council
1016 E. Owens
PO Box 2277
Bismarck, ND 58502-2277
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