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Self-Issue Interstate Permit

Self-Issue Interstate Permit: Self-issue single trip interstate permits are blank permits purchased by carriers in advance to be used at a later date. The interstate permit is required for a divisible load movement which exceeds 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW) and is traveling on the interstate system. The GVW cannot exceed 105,500 pounds. The vehicle combination must have sufficient axles and bridge lengths. The GVW and gross axle weights are determined by the federal weight formula. All axle weights must be legal.

A self-issue single trip interstate permit must be filled out completely to be considered valid. Prior to movement on the interstate system, the postcard copy shall be deposited in a mailbox. The first copy shall be carried in the vehicle and second copy is for the carriers records. Instructions can be found on the lower portion of each permit.

The fee for a self-issue single trip interstate permit (SFN 13780) is $5 per form. A carrier may purchase as few as two self-issue permits or may purchase them in larger quantity. Upon payment for the self-issue permits your request and receipt are submitted to the NDHP Permit Section and the permits are placed in the mail the following working day.

To obtain self-issue permits create an account and purchase them online through our website (preferred method) or call the Permits Section at (701) 328-2621.


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