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Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV)

Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Permit: Valid December 1 - March 7. An LCV single trip permit allows a longer combination vehicle hauling a divisible load to exceed a gross vehicle weight of 105,500 pounds on designated highways.

The LCV single trip permit allows a vehicle combination hauling a divisible load to exceed 105,500 pounds but not to exceed 131,000 pounds GVW. All axle weights must be legal. An LCV single trip permit can be purchased between December 1 through March 7. If spring load restrictions become effective prior to March 7 the permit is no longer valid.

The fee for an LCV single trip permit is $20. The permit is valid for a one-way trip not to exceed 3 days or for multiple movements in one 24-hour period. Travel is NOT allowed on the interstate system, county, township or city streets. Travel is not allowed on state highways posted for 80,000 pounds GVW. Travel is not allowed on highways designated for an overall length limit of 75 feet.

Travel is restricted by the Weight Limitations Map, Length Limitations Map, or otherwise posted structures or highways.

The longer combination vehicle must comply with the following criteria:

  1. Vehicles must have sufficient number of axles and bridge length for the GVW desired as shown on the Extension to Weight Limitations Chart.
  2. Tire and axle weights must be legal.
  3. Gross vehicle weight may not exceed 131,000 pounds.
  4. North Dakota registered vehicles must be licensed for 105,500 pounds GVW.
  5. Out-of-state vehicles not licensed in ND or not registered for 105,500 pounds GVW under IRP are subject to the $20 72-hour trip permit.


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