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Airports in North Dakota

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Aeronautics Commission Policy on Airport Grant Funding

»Airport Grant Request Procedures (192kb pdf)

»Aeronautics Commission Airport Grant Funding Policy (197kb pdf)

»Aeronautics Commission Priority Rating of Airport Projects (205kb pdf)

»Request For State Airport Aid (848kb pdf) (SFN11639)

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Energy Impact and Infrastructure Office Grant Funding

»Energy Impact Grant Reimbursement Form (19kb pdf)

The following are the sections from the North Dakota Century Code Relating to Aeronautics which pertains to the distribution of proceeds earmarking the type of projects these funds may be granted based on Commission approval.

Commercial Air Service Grants

»Aircraft Excise Tax - 57-40.5-09. Allocation of Revenue
All moneys collected and received under this chapter shall be transmitted monthly by the director to the aeronautics commission special fund. These funds may be used for airport construction or improvement projects as approved by the aeronautics commission in an amount as allowed by the commission.
»General Fund Grants - 2.05-06.5. State Assistance For Airports
Each public airport owned or operated by a public entity and each airport operated by an airport authority in this state which is served by at least one airline which is certified by the federal aviation administration or was at one time served by an airline certified by the federal aviation administration, but is served by a scheduled commuter airline certified by the North Dakota aeronautics commission may be provided assistance according to guidelines established by the commission by rule, within the limits of legislative appropriations. The governing body or airport authority which operates an airport that receives assistance under this section shall deposit the moneys received in the same account or accounts as other airport funds are deposited and may expend the moneys as provided by law for other airport funds, including matching any funds made available by the United States.

General Aviation Grants

»Aviation Fuel Tax - 57-43.3-06. Distribution of Revenue
The tax collected by the Commissioner pursuant to section 57-43.3-04 shall be deposited by the commissioner in the office of the state treasurer, who shall deposit such moneys in a special fund known as the state aeronautics commission special fund. These funds are hereby appropriated to the commission and shall be disbursed by warrant-check prepared by the office of management and budget upon vouchers submitted by the commission and approved by the office of management and budget, for commission administration and the purpose of matching of any funds made available by political subdivisions or airport authorities in this state, the state, or the United States, only if the political subdivision or airport authority is not qualified for or does not receive any funds under section 2-05-06.5. These funds shall be used for airport construction or improvement projects including airport administration and terminal buildings, hangars, landing strips for aircraft, and purchase of sites for airports or landing fields and easements; and for maintenance, clearing of sites, marking, lighting, and engineering and navigational aids, all related to aeronautics in amounts as the commission may determine and upon projects as the commission may approve.
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