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WFS Launch Date

ITD Admin Users: 
  • On the "ITD Maintenance" page, a new "WFS Launch" link has been added. ITD Admin users will be able to view and edit the EmpCenter application launch date through the WMS application.
  • On the ITD Maintenance "Service Request Types" page, a new "WFS Auto Export" column has been added. ITD Admin Users will be able to view and edit which service request types will automatically be exported to the EmpCenter application. The following service request types will be automatically exported: Database Change, Load Test, Software Dev/GIS/PM/QA, and Web Changes.
  • On the "Add Contact," "Edit Contact," and "Contact Details" pages, four new fields will be displayed to ITD Admin users: "Hire Date," "Termination Date," "Layout," and "Work Unit." These fields will be used in conjunction with the EmpCenter application.
  • On the "ITD Maintenance" Billing pages, a new "Override Info" table has been added. ITD Admin users will be able to view and edit which billing codes will be overrides in the EmpCenter application.

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September 5, 2014

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