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Through a general-fund appropriation, the Information Technology Department provides the hosting infrastructure and a product manager for the North Dakota GIS Hub. Database administrators, web application developers, web presentation developers, and system administrators all contribute to provide a reliable, scalable, and secure environment.  The GIS Hub itself is the result of many more people working together:

North Dakota's GIS initiative includes a rich history of state agencies working together.  Through a collaborative effort, ownership and stewardship of data has been defined, and a conduit for communication and data to other agencies and organizations has been created.


The State of North Dakota's GIS Hub will provide the essential infrastructure to share core geographic datasets through an accessible data warehouse among stakeholders with browsing ability to the general public. The Hub will leverage the State's existing data, infrastructure and expertise to implement the core elements of this enterprise solution. 


The GIS initiative will continue to grow in value to state agencies and other levels of government which in turn increases the level of service and cost effectiveness to the citizens of the North Dakota. The core of the GIS initiative is the GIS Hub which will continue to develop through a focus on improved and new data sets and secondarily, through improved and new functionality and applications.