The State of North Dakota utilizes a video conference scheduling package called Renovo. It is a web-based application that can be accessed through a standard internet browser. Renovo's web scheduler allows end-users the ability to quickly schedule on demand or future video conferences through a secure and intuitive web interface. Each user is assigned a user name and password with associated privileges and access rights. Renovo's validation process will check all available resources of the requested video conference to make sure it has reserved them and to eliminate any future conflicts. At the scheduled time, the point-to-point or multipoint video conference will automatically connect all scheduled endpoints and disconnect them at the conclusion of the event without user interaction.

Scheduling Assistance

State agencies, local governments (political sub-divisions), and K-12 education communities may contact ITD's Service Desk to request that a video conference be scheduled on their behalf. The requesting party would need to provide the meeting title, date and time frame of the meeting along with all the endpoint names and IP addresses that need to be connected. Video rooms at the local level must get local approval before any rooms can be scheduled in Renovo. A good rule of thumb is to ask the local endpoint administrator what the IP address (e.g. and name of the video room (e.g. itd11.bismarck) is once you have received local approval to use the room. Screen layout and any additional features can be discussed at the time of the request.

Scheduling Self-Service

Agencies that frequently use video conferencing may wish to have someone from their staff authorized to use the Renovo video conference scheduler. Please submit a Network Services WMS request to create a Renovo account for the authorized staff member. The videos below will provide training on use of the Renovo Scheduler.

Renovo Training Videos