Project Management Mentoring and Training

Project management mentoring and training provides knowledge and expertise to people that will be managing IT projects for their agency.


Program participants are mentored by a qualified project manager while they manage or oversee a project. Through regularly scheduled meetings, the North Dakota Project Management Methodology is followed and executed. The length of the mentorship varies, but generally begins at the project inception and is followed until project closure.


Project management terminology, skills, and practices can be improved by attending a training course or spending time with a mentor. Accomplishments within North Dakota State Government include:

  • Two hundred employees have attended at least twenty-four hours of Project Management training
  • Twenty six project managers have successfully completed the National Information Technology Apprenticeship System (NITAS) mentoring program
  • Over thirty CompTIA Project+ certifications have been earned
  • Seventeen Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials have been awarded by the Project Management Institute


  • Instill best practices to maximize project successes and leverage project management expertise
  • Provide expertise and support for project management
  • Provide ongoing process improvement approaches that, over time, will provide an even greater chance for successful projects

Related Standards and Guidelines

Project Management for Information Technology Projects

This standard will ensure accountability for the resources allocated to information technology (IT) projects and ensure that a consistent approach will be used to manage IT projects throughout the project management life cycle. 

Project Management Guidebooks and Templates

The Project Management Guidebook provides a common methodology for managing projects within state government. It is designed to supply enough detail to guide new project managers through the process while still being valuable to those experienced in the field.