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ITD Drupal User's Guide - File Manager

The file manager system allows site content to be uploaded and organized completely online. It is available through a link on the Site-Admin menu, as well as through a button File manager buttonon “insert/edit link”, “insert file”, and “insert/edit image” menus.
Once you've access the file manager, you'll see a list of files already uploaded into the directory system.

  • Files can be selected from the file menu, and inserted into documents using the insert button on the left.
  • The directory system can be navigated by clicking on folders
  • File names and locations can be edited by right clicking on files (Be very careful doing this to previously uploaded files as this could break existing links.)
  • Files may be uploaded using the upload menu available in the upper right corner of the menu.
  • File may also be downloaded directly from the File Manager.

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