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Voice Mail Instructions for Nortel CallPilot

Logging into Mailbox

(701) 328-4500 External
8-4500 Internal
(701) 328-4522 External Express Messaging
8-4522 Internal Express Messaging

The First Time

You have been assigned a "Voice Mailbox" on the CallPilot Voice Messaging System. Your Voice Mailbox number is the last five digits of your telephone number, followed by the # sign (8xxxx#). Your password for the first login is 328 plus the last four digits of your telephone number, followed by the # sign (328xxxx#).

After you have successfully logged into your voice mailbox the first time, you will be required to change your password to something other than the original password. Your new password must be 6 to 16 digits in length.

Navigating Voice Mail

When you have a voice mail message The red message indicator light on your telephone will be lit when you have a new voice mail message. After logging into the system, your messages will automatically play. All new messages will play first.

Voice Mail Functions and Keypad Codes
Function Press Effect
To skip back 1 Message 5 seconds earlier plays
To skip forward 3 Message 5 seconds later plays
To pause # Message playback stops
To continue 2 Message playback resumes
To skip to the next message 6 Next message plays
To skip to the previous message 4 Previous message plays
To go to a specific message 86 followed by the message # Specific message plays
To delete a message while it's playing 76 Message deleted
To recover a deleted message 76 Message restored
To forward a message (Internal) 73 Forwards message to another mailbox
To call the sender (Internal) 9 Calls the sender of the message

Deleting Messages

After listening to a message, you can either leave it in your mailbox for future use, or you can delete it by pressing 76.

Messages must be deleted one at a time; you cannot delete an entire mailbox of messages with one command. Messages will automatically be deleted after 21 days.

Personalizing the Mailbox

Changing Password

  1. Login to voice mail (follow instructions above)
  2. Press 84 after you are logged on. (Listen to the prompts, which will give you step-by-step instructions.)
  3. Enter your old password, press # key
  4. Enter your new password, press # key. (Your new password must be 6 to 16 digits in length.)
  5. Enter your new password again, press # key

Recording First and Last Name

  1. Login to voice mail.
  2. Press 82 (Listen to prompts, which will give you step-by-step instructions.)
  3. Press 9 to go into Personal Verification
  4. Press 5, to record your first and last name. Press # key to stop recording.
  5. To delete your personal verification, press 76.
  6. To return to start of your mailbox, press 4.

Recording Personal Greeting / Personal Verification

  1. Login to voice mail.
  2. Press 82. (Listen to prompts, which will give you step-by-step instructions.)
  3. To record your external greeting, press 1. To record your internal greeting, press 2. To record a temporary greeting, press 3. To record your personal verification, press 9. (NOTE: If you choose to record only one greeting, press 1 to record the external greeting - all callers will hear this greeting.)
  4. Press 5 to record. Press # key to stop recording.
  5. To listen to what you have recorded, press 2.
  6. To delete and re-record your greeting, press 76, then repeat the previous two steps.
  7. To return to start of your mailbox, press 4.

Expiring a Temporary Greeting

You can set an expiry month, day, and time for your temporary greeting. When the temporary greeting expires, callers will hear your external or internal greeting.

  1. While at your temporary greeting, press 9 to set the expiry date.
  2. Enter the month, day, and time, pressing # after each entry.
    1. For the current month or day, press # only.
    2. For a time setting at 9:00, press 900#. For a.m., press 1; for p.m., press 2.
    3. For the standard expiry time of one minute after midnight on the date you specified, press # for time.
    4. For no expiry, press ###.
      If you do not set expiry date, or if you press # for month, day, and time, your temporary greeting will remain in effect until you delete it.
  3. To return to start of your mailbox, press 4.

Forwarding All Calls to Voice Mail

  1. Press Forward key on your telephone.
  2. Enter 84500 - the CallPilot Voice Messaging number.
  3. Press Done (or press Forward a second time).

All calls will now be forwarded into your voice mailbox until you cancel the forwarding by:

  • Press CheckFW; then press CanclFw (on a 3900 series phone).
  • Press Forward key once (on a 2000 series phone).


  1. While logged in to your mailbox, press 80, then 4 to enable Auto-Login.
  2. Press 1 to turn Auto-Login on, or 2 to turn it off.

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