Logging into Mailbox

  1. Press your Voicemail button, or dial 328-3300 and listen for the voice prompts. Include an area code of 701 when dialing from an external line.
  2. If you are dialing from your own telephone in the office, you do not need to enter your extension number because the system will recognize who you are.
  3. If you are calling from another extension, you will need to press *, then # to login.
  4. If you are logging into voice mail for the first time
    1. Change Password
      1. Enter a default password of 1234 or the password you have set up. When prompted, enter a number (at least 6 digits) as your new password followed by #. Re-enter your personal password followed by #.
    2. Record "Name" Prompt
      1. Press 1 to begin
      2. Press 2 to record
      3. Record your Name followed by #
      4. Press 1 to accept
    3. Record "Please Hold" Prompt
      1. Press 1 to begin
      2. Press 1 to continue
      3. Record your Please Hold prompt ("Please Hold for Your Name") followed by #
      4. Press 1 to accept
    4. Record Personal Greeting
      1. Your callers will hear this greeting when you are not available and your calls are answered by the voice-mail system.
      2. Press 1 to begin
      3. Record your Personal Greeting followed by #
      4. Press 1 to accept

Navigating Voice Mail

Voice Mail Functions and Keypad Codes
Press Function Effect
1 Check Messages Allows you to check your voice mail messages
2 Send Messages Allows you to send messages to other subscribers
4 Personal Configuration Allows you to change mailbox configuration such as greetings and password
* Cancel
Return to Menu
Will Cancel the current activity
Will return you to the Main Menu
Will Exit the current menu 
# Finish
Will Finish an option / menu selection
Will Skip to the next message 
# Bypass Greeting Will bypass the user's voice mail greeting when you are leaving them a message
Playback Controls
1 Rewind Will rewind the message 5 seconds 
2 Pause Will pause your message until you press 2 to play again
3 Forward Will forwards the message 5 seconds
5 Envelope Will play the header information for the message
7 Erase Will Erase the message
9 Save Will Save the message
# Skip Will skip to next message
1,1 Message Start Will replay the message from the beginning
1,3 Message End Will end the message replay
After Listening to Message Options
4 Replay Will replay the message
5 Envelope Will play the header information
6 Forward Will allow you to forward the message to another subscriber
7 Erase Will erase the message
8 Replay Will replay to the user, if a voice mail subscriber
9 Save Will save the message
# Skip Will skip to the next message