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Video Recording

ITD uses a network appliance called a Codian IPVCR to record video conferences. If you have requested to have the ITD service desk schedule the video conference on your behalf, they will add one of the available IPVCR ports into your conference.

If your agency schedules video conferences on their own through Renovo, you'll notice that there are two IPVCR devices to choose from inside the Renovo video conference scheduler and appropriately they are named IPVCR1 and IPVCR2. Any IPVCR that is not in use can be selected from the ROOMS page when scheduling a video conference. Checking the box beside the device name will add the device into your meeting for recording purposes. In the future, you will notice 10 ports each tied to both IPVCR1 and IPVCR2. Each port will act as an individual room and can be selecting independently.

The video file will reside on the IPVCR for 7 days after the conclusion of the video event. The video conference can be viewed at any time within those 7 days by obtaining the proper PIN code for the folder in which it resides and connecting to either IPVCR1 or IPVCR2 through a standard web browser.

The video file can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate URL from above and selecting the appropriate folder once the page loads.

A PIN code will need to be obtained from the respective entity and then entered.

Select the video file by clicking the WATCH option next to the name of the video file you wish to view.

You can then select the format for streaming the video recording. Two commonly used formats include Windows Media Player and QuickTime. After selecting speed and format, click the "Start Streaming" button to begin viewing the recorded video file.

** It is important to note that if you have chosen Windows Media Player as your selected format and you have NEVER viewed a recorded or streamed video event from your PC before, you WILL need to install a small software client which is located in the lower left-hand corner of the viewing window as depicted below.

Just follow all of the screen prompts after clicking the link " Click here " and agree to have the client installed on your machine. After the install, you will have to close ALL open browser windows and re-open a new browser window in order to view the recorded video file.

A $10 charge will be billed to the requesting entity if an IPVCR is added into the video conference for recording purposes. For an additional $20 charge, the video file can be converted and sent to the requesting entity via FTP transfer. The requesting entity would then receive an e-mail notifying them that the file may be downloaded. Once the file is downloaded, the requesting entity may store the video file electronically for archival purposes (i.e. burn to DVD, file server, local PC, etc.). There is usually a five day turn around for this service.

To have a recorded video file sent to you, contact the ITD Service Desk within the seven day time frame that the file will be hosted for you.

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