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Oversight Project Startup and Closeout Reports

Project Reports by Agency
Agency Startup Document Closeout Document Date
Attorney General Startup-Crime Lab Information System Closeout-Crime Lab Information System 2012-01
  Startup-Automated Fingerprint Identification System Closeout-Automated Fingerprint Identification System 2008-08
Bank of North Dakota Startup-CashPLUS Closeout-CashPLUS 2014-06
  Startup-ND College Access Network Closeout-ND College Access Network 2012-06
  Startup-Student Loan Replacement Closeout-Student Loan Replacement 2011-06
  Startup-Cash Management Closeout-Cash Management 2011-01
Criminal Justice Information Sharing Startup-CJIS Portal 2.0 Framework Closeout-CJIS Portal 2.0 Framework 2009-06
  Startup-Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification Closeout-Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification 2010-12
Dept. of Commerce Startup-Website Rewrite Closeout-Website Rewrite 2014-09
Dept. of Corrections and Rehab. Startup-Inmate Trust and Commissary System Closeout-Inmate Trust and Commissary System 2010-12
  Startup-Electronic Medical Records System Closeout-Electronic Medical Records System 2010-02
Dept. of Emergency Services Startup-Statewide Records Management System Closeout-Statewide Records Management System 2014-09
  Startup-Statewide Seamless Base Map Closeout-Statewide Seamless Base Map 2010-09
  Startup-Central Electronics Bank Dispatch System  Closeout-Central Electronics Bank Dispatch System 2013-12
  Startup-Computer Assisted Dispatch Closeout-Computer Assisted Dispatch 2010-06
  Startup-Public Safety Mobile Communications Closeout-Public Safety Mobile Communications 2008-10
Dept. of Health Startup-Women, Infants, and Children Electronic Benefits Transfer - Phase I Closeout-Women, Infants, and Children Electronic Benefits Transfer - Phase I 2014-09
  Startup-Disease Surveillance and Mgmt. System Closeout-Disease Surveillance and Mgmt. System 2012-04
  Startup-ND Immunization Information System Closeout-ND Immunization Information System 2014-03
  Startup-Program Reporting System Closeout-Program Reporting System 2011-06
Dept. of Human Services Startup-Eligibility System Modernization Closeout-Eligibility System Modernization 2013-12
  Startup-NDVerify Closeout-NDVerify 2014-03
  Startup- Vocational Rehabilitation Information System Replacement Closeout- Vocational Rehabilitation Information System Replacement 2014-09
  Startup-5010 Closeout-5010 2012-06
  Startup-Minimum Data Set 3.0 Closeout-Minimum Data Set 3.0 2011-06
  Startup-OfficeVision Mail Closeout-OfficeVision Mail 2009-06
  Startup-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Diversion Closeout-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Diversion 2007-11
  Startup-National Provider Index Closeout-National Provider Index 2008-03
  Startup-Children with Disabilities Closeout-Children with Disabilities 2008-06
  Startup-Continuous Eligibility Closeout-Continuous Eligibility 2009-06
  Startup-Children and Family Services Front-End Closeout-Children and Family Services Front-End 2010-03
  Startup-Medicaid Enterprise Mgmt. and Admin. Reporting Sys. Closeout-Medicaid Enterprise Mgmt. and Admin. Reporting Sys. 2007-08
  Startup-Master Client Index Closeout-Master Client Index 2008-06
  Startup-Electronic Benefits Transfer Closeout-Electronic Benefits Transfer 2008-08
  Startup-Medicaid Management Information Systems Closeout-Medicaid Management Information Systems Predates
Dept. of Public Instruction Startup-eTranscripts Closeout-eTranscripts 2014-09
  Startup-NDFoods Closeout-NDFoods 2013-07
  Startup-ndSLEDS Closeout-ndSLEDS 2009-07
  Startup-Direct Certification Closeout-Direct Certification 2011-04
  Startup-Foundation Aid Closeout-Foundation Aid 2009-11
  Startup-Special Ed. Individual Education Plan Closeout-Special Ed. Individual Education Plan 2009-06
  Startup-Mainframe Rewrite (ESPB) Closeout-Mainframe Rewrite (ESPB) 2011-03
  Startup-Online Reporting System Upgrade Closeout-Online Reporting System Upgrade 2008-03
Dept. of Transportation Startup-Automated CDL Road Test Closeout-Automated CDL Road Test 2013-01
  Startup-PIQ/Employee Information Rewrite Closeout-PIQ/Employee Information Rewrite 2011-03
  Startup-Facial Recognition Closeout-Facial Recognition 2010-05
  Startup-GIS Image Log Closeout-GIS Image Log 2007-11
  Startup-Time and Labor Closeout-Time and Labor 2008-03
Highway Patrol Startup-Electronic Permitting Closeout-Electronic Permitting 2013-12
Information Technology Dept. Startup-Billing System Rewrite Closeout-Billing System Rewrite 2014-03
  Startup-HITC Health Information Network Closeout-HITC Health Information Network 2014-09
  Startup-ND Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Closeout-ND Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) 2011-03
  Startup-Broadband Mapping Closeout-Broadband Mapping 2010-12
  Startup-STAGEnet Video Transition Closeout-STAGEnet Video Transition 2007-11
  Startup-Project Management Information System Closeout-Project Management Information System 2008-06
  Startup-Mainframe Migration Closeout-Mainframe Migration Predates
Job Service ND Startup-Workforce Data Quality Initiative Closeout-Workforce Data Quality Initiative 2014-09
  Startup-Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Closeout-Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 2012-04
  Startup-AWIN Consortium Closeout-AWIN Consortium 2012-04
Startup-GSI Case Management System Closeout-GSI Case Management System 2008-10
  Startup-Appeals/UI Easy Enhancements Closeout-Appeals/UI Easy Enhancements 2009-07
  Startup-JobsNDcom Rewrite Closeout-JobsNDcom Rewrite 2011-06
  Startup-UI Internet Claim Entry Closeout-UI Internet Claim Entry 2011-06
  Startup-UI Modernization Directional Study Closeout-UI Modernization Directional Study 2009-06
Judicial Branch Startup-Unified Court Information System RFP/Selection Closeout-Unified Court Information System RFP/Selection 2008-09
  Startup-Unified Court Information System Implementation Closeout-Unified Court Information System Implementation 2011-06
Legislative Council Startup-LEGEND Closeout-LEGEND 2012-01
  Startup-Application Replacement Study-Phase 1 Closeout-Application Replacement Study-Phase 1 2007-11
  Startup-Application Replacement Study-Phase 2 Closeout-Application Replacement Study-Phase 2 2009-06
Office of Mgmt. and Budget Startup-Recruiting Solutions Closeout-Recruiting Solutions 2014-09
  Startup-PeopleSoft Environment Partitioning Project Closeout-PeopleSoft Environment Partitioning Project 2012-10
  Startup-Talent Management Closeout-Talent Management 2012-10
  Startup-ND Public Reporting Website Closeout-ND Public Reporting Website 2011-06
  Startup-Electronic Learning Module Closeout-Electronic Learning Module 2010-06
  Startup-Absence Management Closeout-Absence Management 2009-06
  Startup-Business Intelligence Closeout-Business Intelligence 2010-03
Public Employees Retirement Sys. Startup-PERSlink-Phase 3 Closeout-PERSlink-Phase 3 2007-11
  Startup-PERSlink-Phase 4 Closeout-PERSlink-Phase 4 2013-12
Secretary of State Startup-SOS File 2.0 Closeout-SOS File 2.0  2012-06
  Startup-Knowledge Base-Central Indexing System Closeout-Knowledge Base-Central Indexing System 2008-03
  Startup-Election Administration System (Central Voter File) Closeout-Election Administration System (Central Voter File) 2008-08
  Startup-Data Processing System Closeout-Data Processing System 2012-06
Seed Dept. Startup-State Seed Software 2009 Upgrade Closeout-State Seed Software 2009 Upgrade 2013-07
State Treasurer Startup-Tax Distribution Rewrite Closeout-Tax Distribution Rewrite 2010-03
Tax Dept. Startup-Taxpayer Access Point Closeout-Taxpayer Access Point 2013-12
  Startup-Taxpayer Access Program / Oil & Gas Integration Closeout-Taxpayer Access Program / Oil & Gas Integration 2011-03
  Startup-Integrated Tax System (TREND) Closeout-Integrated Tax System (TREND) 2007-11
Veteran's Home Startup-Electronic Medical Record Closeout-Electronic Medical Record 2013-12
Workforce Safety and Insurance Startup-IT Transformation Program-Phase 1 Closeout-IT Transformation Program-Phase 1 2007-09
  Startup-IT Transformation Program-Phase 2 Closeout-IT Transformation Program-Phase 2 2013-12

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