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Nortel IP Phone Summary



To place an active call on hold, press the HOLD key (telephone indicator beside your Line or DN key will flash – indicating that you have a call holding).

To return to held call, press the LINE or DN key that is flashing.

Note:  You will hear an audible reminder of held call after 60 seconds.

Handsfree Calling

To place a call using your speaker phone

  • Press the HANDSFREE key
  • Dial Number
  • Disconnect by pressing GOODBYE key

Note: To make the speakerphone conversation private, lift the handset. To go back to a speakerphone conversation, press the HANDSFREE key and hang up the handset.


To mute your end of the conversation, press the MUTE key. (The red indicator light will flash when MUTE is active.)

To return to two-way conversation, press the MUTE key again. (The red light will turn off.)

Note: The MUTE key is programmed to detect whether you are on headset, handset, or speakerphone and will choose the correct path to mute.


To transfer a call:

  • Press TRANSFER key  
  • Dial number you are transferring call to (announce transfer if you wish)
  • Press TRANSFER key again to complete the transfer. 

 To rejoin caller if transferred number is busy or unanswered, press LINE or DN key where indicator is flashing.

 Note: To complete a “blind” transfer, dial the number and press TRANSFER when the phone begins ringing.


To establish a conference call:

  • While on an active call, press CONFERENCE.  The indicator beside your LINE or DN key will flash until conference is complete.
  • Dial number of the party you wish to conference.
  • Press CONFERENCE to complete the conference.

Repeat steps above to add additional parties.


  • The conference feature includes yourself as 1 party.
  • When adding members to your conference call, it is a good idea to announce the call before connecting all parties.


To forward all calls:

  • Press FORWARD key (without lifting handset).  
  • Dial 5-digit number you are forwarding calls to.
  • Press FORWARD key to activate call forward.  The arrow now remains solid, and CFWD appears in your display area, indicating that your calls are being forwarded.

To cancel forwarding, press FORWARD key (without lifting handset).  Your display will tell you that Call Forward has been cancelled.

To forward calls to the same number, press FORWARD key TWICE (without lifting handset).

Call Pickup

To answer a ringing line:

  • Lift the handset or press Handsfree key for dial tone
  • Press PICKUP key.   This will answer the first ringing line in your pickup group.

Ring-Again (automatically call back)

To activate ring-again when you reach an internal busy signal or no answer:

  • Press RING AGAIN key when you hear a busy signal or ringing line.
  • Hang up or press GOODBYE key.
  • When you hear the Ring Again tone, lift the handset or press Handsfree key.
  • Press RING CALL key to dial the number automatically.

To cancel ring-again, press CANCEL RING AGAIN (without lifting handset) before system prompts you with the ring-again tone.

Last Number Redial

To redial the last number called, lift the handset and press your LINE or DN key once; or press your LINE or DN key twice.

Auto Dial

To store a number:

  • Press AUTO DIAL key (do not lift handset)
  • Dial number to be stored (include all necessary digits, for example: 9 + 7 digits or 9 + 1 + 10 digits)
  • Press AUTO DIAL again to store the number

To place a call using stored auto dial:

  • Lift Handset or press the Handsfree key.
  • Press the AUTO DIAL key you wish to activate. 

Speed Call

To use a speed call number:

  • Press SPEED CALL key (with receiver on hook)
  • Enter the 2-digit code to represent stored number
  • Dial the phone number (include all necessary digits, for example 9 + 7 digits or 9 + 1 + 10 digits)
  • Press SPEED CALL key again

To change a speed call number, follow steps above; except enter a new number.

To erase a speed call number, follow steps above; except enter a * for the phone number.

To dial a stored speed call number:

  • Select a free DN key for dial tone
  • Press SPEED CALL key
  • Dial the speed call code assigned to that number


To make an intercom call:

  • Press your INTERCOM key – you will hear dial tone
  • Dial 2-digit Intercom number of the person you are calling
  • Allow short ring cycle to complete, then begin talking

To answer an intercom call:

  • You will hear a short ring cycle
  • Intercom path will open up automatically – you do not need to press a key to activate.


  • If the person you are calling is on the phone you will hear ringing. 
  • To make an Intercom conversation private, pick up the handset.


To park a call:

  • Press PARK key
  • Note Park number in the display area (190 thru 199)
  • Press OK key to Park call.

To retrieve a parked call:

  • Lift Handset or press Handsfree key
  • Dial PARK number assigned or announced  (190 thru 199)


To use overhead paging:

  • Lift Handset (to prevent background noise)
  • Press PAGING key (you may need to use SHIFT key)
  • Make announcement using the handset. 
  • Press GOODBYE key when finished.

Note: When using Overhead Paging, it is a good idea to use the handset so background noises are not heard.

Headset Key

Press the HEADSET key to answer a call on the headset, or to switch a call from the Handset or Handsfree to Headset.

Volume Bar Control

Increase or decrease the volume of the ringing, toning, headset, handset, or speakerphone.   The volume bar control can only be used for the current activated sounds, ie…ringing, handset volume, speakerphone volume, etc.

Directory / Log Key

This key operates the Personal Directory and Call Log feature on your telephone.    The Personal Directory provides a personalized list of name and numbers and can hold up to 100 entries.   The Call Log lists the name and numbers (when available) of incoming and outgoing calls received and made by your set. 

Option Keys

The Options Key allows you to customize certain characteristics of your telephone.  Screen prompts take you step by step through each procedure.  The features available under the Options Key are:  Language, Change Feature Key Label, Screen Contrast, Volume Adjustment, Ring Type, Call Log Option, Live Dial Pad, Area Code Setup, Call Timer, Date/Time Format, Key Click, Headset Port Call, Headset Port External Alerter and Recorder Interface, Call Indication Light, On-hook Default Path, Display Diagnostics, Group Listening, and MCA Control.

Personal Directory

Personal Directory supports the following features:

  • Maximum entries = 100
  • Maximum characters in name = 24
  • Maximum characters in DN = 31
  • Multiple actions:
    • Add new entry
    • Edit entry
    • Delete entry
    • Delete contents of directory
    • Copy an entry from Personal Directory to Personal Directory
    • Copy an entry from Corporate Directory to Personal Directory
    • Dial DN of an entry
    • Name search
  • Password protection to control access to Personal Directory
  • One minute time-out

Callers List

Callers List supports the following features:

  • Maximum entries = 100
  • Maximum characters in name = 24
  • Maximum characters in DN = 31
  • Multiple actions:
    • Dial DN of an entry
    • Edit entry
    • Copy entry
    • Delete entry
  • Sorted by the time the call is logged
  • Contains caller name, DN, time of last call occurrence, and how many
  • times the caller has called this user
  • Idle Display option: display and count all calls or only unanswered calls
  • Displays caller name (Redial List only displays caller DN)
  • Once 100 entry limit is reached, newest entry overwrites oldest entry
  • One minute time-out

Call Log

Call log options allows a user to configure preferences on the IP Phone for the following:

  • If the Callers List logs all incoming calls or only unanswered calls
  • If Idle Set Display indicates when new calls have been logged to the Callers List
  • If a name stored in the Personal Directory that is associated with the incoming call’s DN is displayed instead of the name transmitted by the Call Server
  • What three area codes should be displayed after the DN rather than before it (for example, local area codes)

To access the call log options:

  • Press the SERVICES key
  • The Telephone Options menu displays
  • From the Telephone Options menu, select Call Log Options
  • Select the desired options
Call Log Options
Call Log Option Description Default Value
Log all / unanswered incoming calls Configures the Callers List to log all incoming calls or only the unanswered incoming calls Log all calls
New Call Indicator When New Call Indicator is turned on, a message is displayed on the phone to inform the user of a new incoming call. If not configured, nothing is displayed. On
Preferred Name Match Configures whether the caller name displayed is the CPND from the Call Server or the name associated with the DN stored in the Personal Directory CPND from the Call Server is displayed
Area code setup Configures how the incoming DN is displayed. If the area code of the incoming call matches a specific area code, the DN is displayed in the configured manner (for example, the area code may be displayed after the DN) No area code
Name display format Configures the format of the name display of the incoming call on the phone. There are two choices: (1) First Last or (2) Last First. First Last

Redial List

Redial List supports the following features:

  • Maximum entries = 20
  • Maximum characters in name = 24
  • Maximum characters in DN = 31
  • Contains name, DN, and the time the last call to that DN occurred in each entry
  • Newest entry overwrites oldest entry once 20-entry limit is reached
  • Sort by the time the call is logged
  • Multiple actions:
    • Dial DN of an entry
    • Edit entry
    • Copy entry
    • Delete entry
    • Delete contents of list
  • One minute time-out

Msg / Inbox Key

To dial into your mailbox:

  • Lift handset and press HANDSFREE key
  • Press MSB/INBOX key
  • Follow prompts to log into your voice mailbox

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