Handsfree and Mute Operation

To place a call using your speaker phone

  • Press a free DN key for dial tone
  • Dial the number
  • Speak toward the microphone on your phone
  • Disconnect by pressing the RLS key

To answer a call handsfree, press the DN that is ringing or HANDSFREE / MUTE key.

To mute a handsfree call, press HANDSFREE / MUTE key. The indicator flashes when the call is muted.

To return to two-way conversation, press HANDSFREE / MUTE key. When indicator is solid you are on a two-way conversation.


To place an active call on hold, press the HOLD key (telephone indicator beside your Line or DN key will flash – indicating that you have a call holding).

To return to held call, press the DN key that is flashing.

Note:  You will hear an audible reminder of held call after 60 seconds.

Last Number Redial

To redial the last number called, press the DN key originally used to call the person TWICE.

Note: Picking up the handset also give you dial tone, so that counts as one press of the DN key.


To transfer a call:

  • Press TRANSFER key – hear dial tone indicating call is held. The indicator beside the DN key will flash until transfer is complete.  
  • Dial number you are transferring call to (announce transfer if you wish)
  • Press TRANSFER to complete the transfer. 

To switch between original caller and transferred party, press the SWAP key.

To rejoin caller if transferred number is busy or unanswered

  • Press RLS key
  • Press DN key where indicator is flashing.


To establish a conference call:

  • While on an active call, press CONFERENCE.  You will hear a dial tone.
  • Dial number of the party you wish to conference.  Announce conference or talk privately.
  • Press CONFERENCE key again to connect all parties.


  • If the line is busy or if the person doesn't answer, press RLS and then the DN key to return to the first call.
  • Do not hit CONFERENCE key prior to knowing that you have the desired party on.
  • For best call quality, a maximum of two outside parties on a conference is recommended.


To forward all calls:

  • Press FORWARD key (without lifting handset).  Indicator beside FORWARD key will flash.
  • Dial the number you are forwarding calls to.
  • Press FORWARD key again.  Indicator remains solid to verify that all calls are being forwarded.

To cancel forwarding, press FORWARD key once (without lifting handset).  Indicator disappears to verify that call forward is cancelled.

To reinstate call forwarding to the same number, press FORWARD twice (without lifting handset).

Speed Call

To use a speed call number:

  • Press SPEED CALL key (with receiver on hook)
  • Enter the 2-digit code to represent stored number
  • Dial the phone number (include all necessary digits, for example 9 + 7 digits or 9 + 1 + 10 digits)
  • Press SPEED CALL key again

To change a speed call number, follow steps above; except enter a new number.

To erase a speed call number, follow steps above; except enter a * for the phone number.

To dial a stored speed call number:

  • Select a free DN key for dial tone
  • Press SPEED CALL key
  • Dial the speed call code assigned to that number


To make an intercom call:

  • Press your INTERCOM key – you will hear dial tone
  • Dial 2-digit Intercom number of the person you are calling
  • When the person answers, you are connected in a call
  • Pick up the receiver to talk privately

To answer an intercom call:

  • Press the INTERCOM key and speak directly towards the microphone
  • Pick up the receiver to talk privately

To answer an intercom call (if you are already on your phone): 

  • You will hear a buzz or a repeating series of buzzes through the loudspeaker and the intercom indicator flashes
  • Press the HOLD key to put your current call on hold, or hang up
  • Press the INTERCOM key
  • Pick up the handset or press the INTERCOM key

Auto Dial

To store a number:

  • Press AUTO DIAL key (do not lift handset)
  • Dial number to be stored (include all necessary digits, for example: 9 + 7 digits or 9 + 1 + 10 digits)
  • Press AUTO DIAL again to store the number

To place a call using stored auto dial:

  • Press a free DN key for dial tone or lift the handset
  • Press the AUTO DIAL key you wish to activate


To park a call:

  • Press PARK key TWICE
  • Press a free DN key for dial tone
  • Press PAGE key
  • Announce (John Doe dial 190)
  • Hang up or press RLS

To retrieve a parked call:

  • Select free DN button
  • Dial call park number assigned or announced


To use overhead paging without parking a call:

  • Press free DN key for dial tone
  • Press PAGE key and make announcement
  • Hang up or press RLS