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Desktop Support Service Level Agreement

The content of this page is based upon a mutual agreement between ITD and the IT Coordinators Council. In conjunction with ITD's Enterprise SLA, it acts as a Service Level Agreement between ITD and customers utilizing this service.

Asset Management

ITD Responsibilities

  • Procure and provide primary Desktop Support Hardware (laptops, desktops, docking stations, keyboards, mice, and up to two monitors per user)
  • Procure and provide IT software (Windows, Office 365 Pro Plus, anti-virus, and encryption)
  • Manage and maintain all ITD provided hardware and software licensing
  • Manage and maintain all ITD provided hardware and software inventory records
  • Dispose of all ITD provided hardware and software assets
  • Ensure alignment with the EA PC Life Cycle Guideline

Customer Responsibilities

  • Procure all IT hardware and software not specifically provided by ITD (printers, tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Manage and maintain agency-specific software
  • Provide ITD with full access to software license keys
  • Dispose of all agency-specific hardware and software assets

Within the context of ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59-22.1) and the EA PC Life Cycle Guideline, ITD will transfer ownership of desktop assets back to agencies upon mutual termination of this agreement.

Hardware and Software Deployment

ITD Responsibilities

Device Support and Management

ITD Responsibilities

  • Provide all support and maintenance for desktops, laptops, cellular devices, printers, and miscellaneous computer equipment.  This includes diagnosing, repairing, patching, and upgrading all software and devices to ensure optimal performance.
  • Configure security privileges for network shares and subfolders
  • Conduct research and make recommendations to customers regarding desktop support and maintenance
  • Provide customers with incident metrics upon request

Customer Responsibilities 

Access/Authorization Management

ITD Responsibilities

Business Continuity

Each agency is responsible for determining, communicating, and funding its Disaster Recovery Plan for desktop services. ITD's role is to provide the infrastructure necessary to support the plan and to assist agencies with executing the plan in the event of a disaster.

In lieu of an agency-specific plan, ITD will put forth its best-effort to restore service in a timely manner and to keep customers informed of progress. However, the estimated Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for desktop service is 3-8 weeks; depending on hardware availability and staffing priorities.

One effective and economical option is deploying laptops instead of desktops. In addition to all of the other mobility benefits, laptops (in the possession of staff) can greatly improve an agency's disaster recovery posture.


On August 12, 2015, the Information Technology Department and the IT Coordinators Council (ITCC) agreed to the terms of this agreement. Additional signatures may be provided as needed.

Name Title Organization Date

Modifications Pending Mutual Approval

Date SLA Modification

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