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ACD Instructions for Nortel

Login/Logout Method

To Log Out of an ACD Group, press MakeSetBsy key twice without lifting the handset.  The display will read "Logged out."

To Log In to an ACD Group

  1. Lift handset
  2. Press Green Queue key twice
  3. Hang up handset

Keypad Instructions

Green Queue Key

Only ACD calls are presented to the Green Que key or on your IP phone it is labeled your 5 digit Que number. Outbound calls cannot be made on this key.

The system will automatically answer the correct ringing line. You do not need to push the key to answer the call. If a call is presented to your Green Que key or your private DN, simply pick up the handset to answer the call. (An exception to this is answering the call on speakerphone. To answer the call on speaker phone you do need to push the blinking line key once.)

Pressing the Green Que key during an active ACD call will terminate the call.

Not Ready Key

When the Not Ready key is activated the agent will not receive ACD calls, but is still logged into the group. This allows the agent time to follow up on a call (fill out forms, write messages, etc.). The agent in Not Ready mode can still place and receive DN calls.

The Not Ready key should be pressed every time an agent walks away from his/her desk to keep ACD calls from being presented to that agent. A Call Pickup cannot be done on an ACD call; therefore, another agent must walk over to the ringing telephone and answer the call. (You can, however, still pickup another agent's DN calls.)

  • If a call is presented to your Green Que key and you have not answered it, pressing the Not Ready key will return the call to the queue.
  • Pressing the Not Ready key during an active ACD call will terminate the call.

Display Queue Key

The LCD indicator next to the Display Queue key gives agents an "at a glance" status of the number of calls waiting in queue.

If an agent is in Not Ready mode (logged into the ACD group but not taking ACD calls) and notices that the Display Queue indicator is flashing rapidly, he/she might want to start answering ACD calls in order to get those customers out of the holding queue. That agent may again want to go into a Not Ready status once the queue has been emptied.

No Indicator - No calls waiting in queue

Solid (no flash) - 1 call waiting in queue

Slow Flashing - 2 calls waiting in queue

Fast Flashing - 3 or more calls waiting in queue

Make Busy Key

This key logs an agent out of the ACD group, and either makes the entire set busy, or can allow DN calls to come to the set - depending on the status of the Make Set Busy indicator.
  • MakeSetBusy (press once) = Logged out and entire set is made busy, including personal DN. Calls to your personal DN will receive a busy signal.
  • MakeSetBusy (press twice) = Logged out of the queue but you will still receive calls on your DN. (This might be useful when you are working after hours and want to receive calls on your DN.)

All agents should log out of the ACD queue at the end of their work day, and log in the next morning. It is not necessary to log out during the day, unless you are leaving for the entire day. (Not Ready will be used for short absences away from your desk.)


First Recorded Announcement

This is the announcement that callers will hear if all ACD agents are busy. A good example is:

"Thank you for calling ______________________. All lines are currently busy. Your call is important to us...please hold and your call will be answered in the order it was received."

Second Recorded Announcement

This is the announcement that callers will hear each 30 seconds during their holding time. A good example is:

"Thank you for holding. All lines are still busy. Please continue to hold and someone will be with you shortly."

  • If available, music will be played between recorded announcements.

Night/Holiday Announcement

This is the announcement that callers will hear during off-hours when they call into the ACD queue. A good example is:

"Thank you for calling the ______________. Our regular office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. Please call back during our office hours so we can assist you."

Additional Notes

  • Backup agents still need to log in and then go to the Not Ready state, and then log out at end of day. Otherwise their personal DN will be in a busy state. Callers will hear busy tone.
  • When a phone has been coded to make busy and the personal line has not been forwarded to Voice Mail or another line the caller will hear busy tone. The personal line does not follow the programming of the phone when make busy has been activated. ACD Agents need to remember to always forward their personal line.
  • Line appearances of ACD agents can not appear anywhere (even numbers within ACD group) -- forward key will not work. Light for Voice Mail will not light. Numbers that are outside the ACD group can appear on ACD sets. It will not cause any problems if the number that is a line appearance is coming from key zero.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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August 14, 2014

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