Vendors who participate in the State of North Dakota's State Term Contract 022 have announced their current WSCA-NASPO Premium Savings Package (WNPSP) Configurations that are effective May 1, 2011 through October 31, 2011. *Hewlett-Packard, *Dell, *Lenovo, *Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Howard, and Grace Global have provided updated WNPSP configurations. An informational flyer with price comparisons is located on the WSCA web site. Some manufacturers are still updating their web sites with the new WNPSP configurations. Contact the vendor’s account team listed on their web site for ordering assistance.

Significant Updates
Most PC and Laptop configurations have transitioned from first generation Intel Core i-series processors to second generation Intel Core  i-series processors.
State Contract Web Site
General contract information, current configurations, and pricing information is published on the State Procurement web site under Term Contract 022. 

If you have questions about the WNPSP program, please contact Pat Forster via email or by calling 328-1992. For general information on Contract 022 (WSCA PC contract), please contact the State Procurement Office at 328-2683.

*Note: Please be aware that at this time, the State of North Dakota has contracts only with HP, Dell, Lenovo and Panasonic. OMB will consider executing contracts with additional manufacturers if there is demonstrated demand from state customers. If an agency or school has an interest in purchasing from any of the new manufacturers that have been added to the WNPSP program, please contact the State Procurement Office at 328-2683.