The Dispatch to OnDemand conversion continues to progress. This week, ITD will be implementing a fix to resolve an issue regarding the printing of banner and manifest pages.  Manifest and banner pages do work differently in OnDemand than they did in Dispatch. For distribution purposes, if a manifest is required the banner will also be required. Reports that are currently going through Central Duplicating already print this way.

If a user decides to print their own report, printing options can be accessed through the WEBi client or by using their CICS ARS1 session. Printing through CICS ARS1 requires using the ‘F2-Server Print’, the default print is the entire report with a banner page. Printing using the WEBi client requires using icons for the print selection. Also, certain portions of the report can be printed by accessing CICS ARS1 using the ‘Host Print’. At this time if you are using the ‘Host Print’, print without a banner page. ITD is currently working with IBM to resolve an issue with printing a banner on a duplex report. 

OnDemand Printing Instructions

There are several printing options when accessing OnDemand through the ARS1 CICIS and WEBi tools, see OnDemand Printing for instructions.