A new version of the GIS Hub Explorer, which is a mapping application that allows viewing data that resides on the ND GIS Hub is in progress.


North Dakota state agencies have the option of using the Hub Explorer as a template to develop their own mapping applications.


The Hub Explorer goes back almost a decade. The first version relied on Esri's ArcIMS for the map service and used a modified version of Esri's HTML Viewer for the interface. The second and current version relied on ArcIMS for the map service and Latitude Geographic's IMF for the interface.

Internet Browsers

The new Hub Explorer has been tested on a number of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and with limited testing on Opera and Safari. Please note that if you use Internet Explorer, version 9 is recommended due to performance and other issues noted in previous versions.

Future Plans

The transition from the current version of the Hub Explorer to the new version will occur within the next couple of months.