The Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment is ready!  ITD will be contacting your agency on migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.

What to Expect

Mailbox moves will be scheduled with each agency prior to migrating. During the migration, it is preferable to close Outlook and wait until the migration is complete. After the migration, Outlook will find the mailbox moved to Exchange 2010 and connect. If there are issues after the migration, please wait 30 minutes and restart the Outlook client. If that does not resolve the issues, please restart the computer and try logging in again. Outlook Web App (webmail) should be available immediately after the migration. 

You should not use Outlook during the migration unless absolutely necessary. Users will continue to have access to their email throughout most of the upgrade process. During the brief period that each mailbox is inaccessible any new messages will be queued for delivery. If Outlook is open when your mailbox is upgraded you may receive a prompt to close and restart the application. It is important to note, if you do not need to work during the migration, please close Outlook. Remember to also close Outlook when you leave for the night.

ITD will be moving the Exchange user mailboxes and Exchange resources for your agency. (-Adm, -Rm, -Equ).
Please note you will lose your 14 day Recover Deleted Items. It will be built new after your mailbox has been migrated.

Exchange 2010 Enhancements

Improved Browser Support for Outlook Web App
Users get the same great OWA experience within Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
Improved Calendar Sharing
With Exchange 2010 and Outlook Web App, users can now share calendars and use the Scheduling Assistant to schedule meetings with people inside and outside the organization, and publish their calendar for anonymous access.

Users can also print out a calendar showing day, week or a month view.

Conversation View
OWA and Outlook 2010 users can use the new Conversation View, which groups together related messages, to quickly identify the most recent messages and related responses.
Smaller Screen Size Support
Outlook Web App has been redesigned to make better use of the smaller screens on devices such as netbooks, tablets and smartphones.
System Administration Improvements
Exchange 2010 provides enhancements to system architecture, stability, and supportability.

Additional Information

A standard 300 MB mailbox will roughly take 5 to 10 minutes to migrate.

Your agency will be contacted in the coming weeks to schedule the migration process. 

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact the Service Desk