ITD is moving closer to migrating to FrontRange’s new product platform, HEAT 2013, and had been asked to participate in FrontRange’s Customer Reference Program. The results of ITD's Case Study were recently published on FrontRange's website. These Case Studies include customer success stories in service management and client management.

“We’ll continue to utilize the on-premise solution, but we’re encouraged that our vendor offers a choice of a cloud solution – that flexibility is very promising,” says Birnbaum. “Moving to HEAT 2013 will allow ITD’s enterprise service desk to deliver even greater efficiencies while blending people, process, and technology in a way that efficiently and effectively supports their customers. Today, some agencies use an in-house developed work
management system for service requests, while others use HEAT Service Management. HEAT 2013 will enable ITD the scalability to consolidate these platforms.