The 63rd Legislature passed SB 2021 in which Section nine of that bill requires the Information Technology Department (ITD) to perform a “study of all state agencies' information technology desktop support. The study is to determine the feasibility and desirability of centralization of desktop support services through the information technology department for all state agencies. 

Requirements of the study include:

  • Review of the support staff
  • Associated costs to the respective agency
  • Use of third party information technology contractors
  • Cost-benefit comparison of current state agencies' desktop support self services
  • Desktop support services provided by the Information Technology Department

ITD has contracted with Eide Bailly to assist in the completion of this effort. A representative from Eide Bailly will be contacting you in the next coming weeks to schedule an interview to gather information on your agency’s current desktop support environment. Their timeline for completing this project is aggressive, with this in mind your support would be greatly appreciated in finding some time to meet with them on this important effort.