ITD will end support for Symantec Endpoint Protection v11 on August 31, 2012. Therefore, we ask that agencies continue to migrate to Symantec Endpoint v12 before August 31, 2012.

Migration Benefits
  • Real Time Behavior Monitoring with SONAR 3: Replaces Symantec’s TruScan technology and examines programs as they run
  • Browser Intrusion Prevention: Integrates into leading browsers to scan for attacks directed at browser vulnerabilities
  • Smart Scheduler: Performs non-critical security tasks when computer is idle
  • Insight Optimized Scanning: Reduces the overhead of virus scanning by as much as 70 percent by automatically identifying and whitelisting trusted high-reputation files
  • Antivirus for Mac
  • Ease of installation and administration
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved GUI
  • Improved management console
  • Compliments all ITD supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems