Starting on August 8, 2012, State Contract #263 will lapse. Procurement is in the process of securing bids for an authorized reseller and anticipates by October 1, 2012 the new State Contract will be in place.

In the meantime, agencies can renew their maintenance plan by:

  • Contacting their current vendor, Carahsoft (before August 8, 2012). They will place your renewal in a pending status and process the request after August 8, 2012. 
  • Contacting Dave Ray with Adobe at (571) 765-5434 by September 1, 2012 to complete the renewal process. It is critical that you complete the renewal process by September, in particular, as it is anticipated that a new version of Acrobat will be released sometime this fall.  This will ensure that you don’t become ineligible for the product upgrade.  Since there won’t be a State Contract during this period and your renewal cost is greater than $2,500, but under $25,000 you will need to secure 3 quotes from the resellers provided by Adobe.

If agencies need to purchase an Adobe Software product during the the lapse period, they can easily conduct a small purchase procurement. Remember, the level of competition is dependent upon the total amount of your purchase. You can select a reseller from the Adobe Authorized List or contact the current vendor for a price quote.

If you have any questions regarding this lapse in contract period, please contact Procurement Officer, Tricia Opp at (701) 328-1721.