Monday, September 20, 2010 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm

Location Details: 

Sakakawea Room, State Capitol Building

Meeting Notice


Large Project Prioritization

Meeting called by Lisa Feldner, CIO, State of North Dakota

SITAC Members: Lisa Feldner, Eric Hardmeyer, Laura Glatt, Carol K. Olson, Frances Ziegler, Maren Daley, Pam Sharp, Bruce Furness, Arvy Smith, Sparb Collins, Thomas Trenbeath, Alvin A. Jaeger, Cory Fong, Sally Holewa, Senator Rich Wardner, Representative Bob Skarphol, Craig Hewitt

Please read: Large Project Information Packet

Meeting Schedule
Time Topic Presenter
1:00 Welcome/Opening Comments Lisa Feldner
1:05 Introduction of Prioritization Process Jeff Quast

General Fund Projects

Highway Patrol

  • 1:10 Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)
  • 1:20 Automated Routing

Adjutant General

  • 1:30 Dispatch Console System
  • 1:40 Statewide Baseline Map Phase II

Department of Human Services

  • 1:50 Eligibility System Rewrite

Information Technology Department

  • 2:00 Longitudinal Data System
2:10 Break  
2:30 Review General Fund Results  

Special Fund Projects

Department of Transportation

  • 2:50 DL3 Redesign
  • 3:00 Estimating Rewrite

Information Technology Department

  • 3:10 Billing System Rewrite

Bank of North Dakota

  • 3:20 Servicing for DOE Direct Student Loans

Attorney General's Office

  • 3:30 Planning for Criminal History Repository Replacement

Federal Funded Projects

Department of Human Services

  • 3:40 Vocational Rehabilitation Information System Replacement

Job Service

  • 3:50 Workforce Data Quality Initiative
4:00 Review Special Fund Results  
4:20 Review Federal Fund Results  
4:40 Wrap-up