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Minot SRT Core Cleanup

October 26, 2013 - 3:00am - 7:00am

Minot SRT rack clean-up from the 2012 network conversion.
We will be moving the Minot quad Core equipment from the "temporary" racks to the ITD racks at SRT Minot. This will involve moving core equipment. We will need to run new cables during the move so there will be significant down time for the Minot quad. I have detailed pre and post test procedures outlined. We are essentially taking the Minot quad completely off line during the outage.

Who's Affected

Every site coming into the Minot Quad will experience down time for data, voice, and video. Minot sites that will be affected include, but are not limited to:
North Central Human Service Center
Dakota Memorial School (Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch)
First District Health Unit
Minot Driver’s License, Motor Vehicle, Parole & Probation, Tax Dept., & WSI
Minot District DOT
Minot Job Service
Minot Public Schools Admin Office
North Central Research Extension Center
Minot Center for Family Medicine
South Prairie Elementary School
Trinity Medical Center Professional Building
Ward Count Court House & DC
Minot City Hall
Oil & Gas Division & BCI Task Force – Minot
Minot Public Library
Ward County Social Services
Ward County Library
Minot Highway Patrol
Minot Regional Child Support Unit (RCSEU)

Internet 2 will be down. All sites in Williston and Bottineau will experience down time.

State Radio towers will remain up via the Midco backup circuit.


What Our Customers Are Saying

ITD is always very helpful. I appreciate it very much! Thank you!

Southeast Human Service Center
December 18, 2014