Thursday, June 18, 2015 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

Location Details: 
  • Pioneer Room, Judicial Wing, State Capitol

Meeting Notice

Below is a recap of the topics covered in the IT Directional Meeting and links to videos of each main section of the meeting.

 Legislative Session Outcomes - Video

  • HB1051
    • Passed – This requires the NDUS to centralize on to one email solution and retain all email for a minimum of two years.
  • SB 2051
    • Failed – This would have removed OMB’s authority to give agencies a hosting waiver.
  • HB 1052
    • Modified – This was modified and passed. It requires some agencies to utilize ITD for desktop support.

Computer Systems - Video

  • Windows 10
    • ITD should receive the final code release the end of July. ITD will then begin testing to see if applications are working correctly in Windows 10. Windows plan to phase out Windows 7 by 2020. ITD will start phasing in Windows 10 in 2016.
  • Desktop Support
    • ITD is currently working with the 19 agencies that are coming on board with the Desktop Support Service. We hope to have all those agencies running by the first part of 2016. Each agency will have a primary person on security and procurement. Ron Zarr is the main contact person at ITD for questions about the service.
    • We are working on the rate structure for the Desktop Support Service. Our goal is to keep the rate structure simple, while still allowing agencies to procure the hardware that fits their specific needs.
  • Office 365
    • Office 365 is now available to all agencies and is included as part of the Desktop Support Service. Office 365 includes OneDrive for Business, which is similar in functionality to DropBox. Some native OneDrive functionality will not be available depending on which Office 365 license an agency purchases. Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business will remain hosted on premises.

Administrative Services - Video

  • BILLIT System
    • Training for ITD’s new billing system, BILLIT, was held on June 8th. A video of the training is available online. Target date for go live is July 7th.
  • 2015-2017 Biennium Rate Changes
    • Rate changes are taking place in July. Agencies will notice that some rates will increase while others will decrease. Affected rates include: Software Development, Mainframe CPU, Technology Fee, Rightfax, Application/Server Hosting, and Disk.

Enterprise Services - Video

  • Enterprise Architecture 2.0
    • Enterprise Architecture (EA) has gone through a major revamp, dubbed EA 2.0. The goal with EA 2.0 was to increase the openness, scope, and agency involvement. The formation of the IT Coordinators Council (ITCC) and new architecture teams was a major part of this process. The schedule for ITCC meetings is posted on ITD’s website and meeting recaps are sent out to all IT Coordinators after each meeting. Jeff Quest is the contact person for this service.
  • Strategic Communication Service
    • ITD recently launched the Strategic Communication Service. This service provides agencies with access to communication resources and trainings. Also part of this service is managing the portal. The Strategic Communication Service was created out of a need to help agencies navigate a communication environment where traditional media is on a steep decline and new communication media is centered around technology. Cliff Heyne is the contact person for this service.
  • Enterprise Services Restructuring
    • IT procurement and IT planning are being moved into ITD’s Project Management Office

Network Services - Video

  • Voicemail Upgrade
    • ITD is upgrading Avaya to the newest version. This will only cause a slight change in menu options, but will not result in the reset of any passwords or loss of old messages. Look for further communication on this in mid July.
    • We have also improved the disaster recovery capabilities of the system.
  • Skype for Business
    • Microsoft has renamed and rebranded Lync as Skype for Business. Agencies may or may not have already noticed this change, depending on how they apply updates.
  • Network Upgrades
    • ITD will be making numerous upgrades to the network in the near future, including increasing Internet bandwidth and wireless access points.

Software Development - Video

  • Mobile Apps
    • DOT partnered with ITD to develop ITD’s first mobile app, NDRenewals. This app has now been launched. Additionally, Legislative Council and ITD worked together to launch a new app for legislators. If agencies have some applications that would possibly benefit from a mobile app, please contact ITD to see how we can help.
  • Conversion from ClearCase to GIT
    • We are converting from ClearCase to GIT over the next 12 months. When working on new products from here on out most will be using GIT. In a year we will see which apps are still on ClearCase and develop a plan to move them to GIT.
  • Vulnerability Testing
    • ITD will be reassessing ITD written and supported apps to determine how often vulnerability testing should be performed. We have been making good progress on not only scanning apps, but applying remediation measures. We will be reaching out to agencies to discuss application scanning.

Security & Cloud - Video

  • Password Management
    • ITD is looking into providing an enterprise solution for password management for agencies. This has been talked about at the ITCC. Contact Art Bakke or Jeff Quast for further information.
  • ND Login Forced Password Change
    • After June 21st, users of an ND State Login account will be required to update their password upon their next successful login. The ND State Login accounts, typically used by citizens to access state services, have never required users to update their password
  • Cloud Brokering
    • ITD will serve in a “Cloud Broker” role as agencies evaluate cloud service to meet business needs. ITD will partner with agencies as they look to cloud services to ensure they are implemented in a secure manner for individual agencies and for the enterprise. We will also help agencies manage and negotiate contracts as part of this service. This service and associated infrastructure to facilitate cloud services will be funded by agencies with approved waivers.
Date of Notice: 
June 12, 2014