Wednesday, June 26, 2013 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

Location Details: 

Kadrmas, Lee, and Jackson Office Building

Meeting Notice

The North Dakota GIS Technical Committee is sponsoring a FREE Introduction to GIS Workshop for individuals that use or are thinking of using GIS in their daily work. This is an introductory lecture-based workshop so if you don't use GIS but are interested in learning more, this might be a good opportunity for you. It will be taught by an Esri-certified instructor. Esri is the vendor of most of the GIS software, named ArcGIS, that is in use by state agencies.


What is ArcGIS and how does it work? (15 minutes)
An introduction to GIS and Esri’s ArcGIS – a demonstration of information management using ArcGIS to begin our Introduction to ArcGIS
ArcMap (40 minutes)

How to use the Desktop for Mapping, Editing, and Analysis - all happen here in the application ArcMap. A discussion of using the ArcMap on the Desktop with a typical workflow demonstration

ArcCatalog (20 minutes)
Data management and development for ArcGIS – a discussion and demonstration of using ArcCatalog for data development, management, and connections to data for ArcGIS
The ArcGIS System (20 minutes)
The Esri ArcGIS System is more than Desktop Mapping – Using the Cloud, Mobile and Server within ArcGIS Desktop are shown and demonstrated
Bringing it all together (25 minutes)
Now we can begin to use the ArcGIS System - Using the ArcGIS System to find data on local,state, and national data servers, use and consume data and map services, using your data with external data sources in a “Mash-up”, and a demonstration of the Author, Share and Use Workflow featuring demonstrations with ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer and


The workshop is now FULL. If you are interested on being on the list in case someone has to cancel, please contact Bob Nutsch at (701) 328-3212 or at

Additional Information

Parking is limited so please consider carpooling and try to park on the east side of Soo Line Drive.