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Rehabilitation Consulting & Services

A Note From
Yvonne M. Smith
ND Disability Services Director

Welcome to Rehabilitation Consulting &
Services, North Dakota’s Vocational
Rehabilitation unit!

Yvonne Smith

The staff at RCS is committed to assisting individuals with disabilities maximize their employment potential and options.  We understand that the uncertainty of knowing where to turn for assistance in either finding employment or maintaining a current job can be frustrating.   If you are found eligible for our services, we can help you determine the career path that is right for you based on your strengths, interests and abilities.

This site contains a brief overview of the entire VR process, from application to post-employment services.  It contains forms you will need and information on related programs that may prove helpful to you in reaching your goals. It also contains links to important information like our State Plan and RCS publications and video’s. 

I encourage you to contact any of our RCS regional offices to learn more about what we can do to help you maximize your employment opportunities and to ultimately find success in today’s job market.

Please accept my best wishes.  May all your hopes and dreams become a reality.

Smith Signature


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1. Overview of Services

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2. Eligibility for Services

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Assisting Individuals with Disabilities to Employment

RCS assists individuals with disabilities to achieve competitive employment and increased independence through rehabilitation services. We provide training and employment services to eligible individuals with physical or mental impairments so they can become and remain employed. Services that result in competitive employment are either provided or purchased.
RCS is funded by the federal and state government (funding share is 78.7% federal and 21.3% state) and is authorized in the Rehabilitation Act of 1978, as amended with the most recent amendments in 1998.

Services include (but are NOT limited to)

  • Diagnosis and evaluation
  • Vocational counseling and planning
  • Information and referral
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Physical and mental restoration services
  • Employment maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Vocational training including supported employment
  • Job placement and follow-up

      Supported Employment        

      Supported Employment provides training for individuals with the most significant disabilities who, because of the severity of their physical or mental impairments, have never been employed or have a history of sporadic employment. Individuals served by this program need ongoing intervention on or off the job in order to maintain employment. A job coach or employment specialists within private, nonprofit agencies generally provide intervention.


Eligibility for individuals who want to obtain or maintain employment is based on the following:

  • The individual must have a physical or mental impairment
  • The physical or mental impairment must affect the individual's ability to obtain or maintain employment
  • The individual must require Vocational Rehabilitation services

RCS has a responsibility to serve anyone who is eligible and living in the state.
We coordinate with the North Dakota Tribal 121 Vocational Rehabilitation Projects to serve American Indians with disabilities. American Indians can choose to receive services from state and/or tribal Vocational Rehabilitation programs.

Cost of services

Many services are provided at no cost to the eligible individual. However, some services are subject to a sliding fee scale based on income.

State Plan & Policies

Every three years, RCS submits a State Plan to the Rehabilitation Services Administration for approval.

Students & Transition

RCS is an employment-focused program to help eligible students with disabilities either obtain or maintain employment that is within one’s capabilities. 

Our main purpose is to assist students upon graduation from high school or a General Equivalency Degree program.  However, some services might begin during the junior or senior year of high school in order to facilitate a smooth transition to post-secondary education or employment.

Transitioning from high school to post secondary education will require the student to disclose his or her disability to access special accommodations.  The Individual Education Plan or 504 plan does not follow the student to college.  We can assist students in advocating for the services they will need to be successful. 
RCS may assist with the services a student needs that are not provided by the institution, such as personal aid and devices.

Students with disabilities who are transitioning from high school to a job in the community could receive training through RCS employment services or  supported employment. RCS may contract with a provider to provide job development, placement and job coaching to assist in obtaining a job and learning the new job duties.  If long-term job coaching is needed to maintain employment, funding sources will be sought out. 

To view a video presentation on the Transition process, click on the appropriate box

Taking the Next Step: Helping Students with Disabilities Transition from High School to College


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Taking the Next Step


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