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About HRMS
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600 E Boulevard Ave
Dept 113
Bismarck, ND 58505-0120

Phone · 701.328.3290
Fax · 701.328.1475
Email · hrms@nd.gov

Employment Verification · 701.328.2677

Agency Assignments

Dept Number Agency HRMS Staff
101 Governor's Office Ken Purdy/Lynn Hart
108 Secretary of State's Office Kim Wassim/Becky Sicble
110 OMB - Fiscal Management Division Lynn Hart/Leanne Schmidt
110 OMB - Risk Management Division Leanne Schmidt
110-113 OMB - Human Resource Management Services Ken Purdy/Lynn Hart
110-118 OMB - Central Services Division Becky Sicble
110-130 OMB - Facility Management Division Becky Sicble/Leanne Schmidt
112 Information Technology Department Lynn Hart/Becky Sicble
112-206 Center for Distance Education (ITD) Becky Sicble
117 State Auditor's Office Barbara Dammen/Becky Sicble
120 State Treasurer's Office Becky Sicble/Barbara Dammen
125 Attorney General's Office Leanne Schmidt/Becky Sicble
127 Tax Department Becky Sicble/Kim Wassim
140 Office of Administrative Hearings Becky Sicble/Leanne Schmidt
150 Legislative Assembly ---
160 Legislative Council ---
180 Court System ---
188 Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents Leanne Schmidt/Becky Sicble
190 Retirement & Investment Office Becky Sicble/Lynn Hart
192 Public Employees Retirement System Becky Sicble
201 Department of Public Instruction Leanne Schmidt
201-250 State Library (DPI) Leanne Schmidt
201-252 School for the Deaf (DPI) Leanne Schmidt
201-253 School for the Blind (DPI) Leanne Schmidt
215 University System ---
226 Department of Trust Lands Leanne Schmidt
270 Career & Technical Education Becky Sicble/Leanne Schmidt
301 Health Department Barbara Dammen/Kim Wassim
305 Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy Barbara Dammen
313 Veterans Home Leanne Schmidt/Travis Engelhardt
316 Indian Affairs Commission Leanne Schmidt/Barbara Dammen
321 Veterans Affairs Department Leanne Schmidt/Barbara Dammen
325 Human Services - Central Office Kim Wassim/Barbara Dammen
325 Human Services - Human Service Centers Barbara Dammen/Kim Wassim
325-310 Life Skills and Transition Center (DHS) Travis Engelhardt/Kim Wassim
325-312 State Hospital (DHS) Travis Engelhardt/Kim Wassim
325-323 Counties (DHS) Kim Wassim/Barbara Dammen
360 Protection & Advocacy Project Barbara Dammen/Becky Sicble
380 Job Service Becky Sicble
401 Department of Insurance Becky Sicble
405 Industrial Commission Leanne Schmidt/Lynn Hart
406 Department of Labor and Human Rights Leanne Schmidt/Becky Sicble
408 Public Service Commission Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
412 Aeronautics Commission Barbara Dammen/Kim Wassim
413 Department of Financial Institutions Barbara Dammen
414 Securities Department Barbara Dammen/Kim Wassim
471 Bank of North Dakota Becky Sicble /Barbara Dammen
472 Public Finance Authority Barbara Dammen
473 Housing Finance Agency Leanne Schmidt
485 Workforce Safety & Insurance Becky Sicble
504 Highway Patrol Barbara Dammen
530 Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
530-223 Youth Correctional Center (DOCR) Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
530-502 Parole & Probation Department (DOCR) Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
530-517 Missouri River Correctional Center Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
530-518 James River Correctional Center (DOCR) Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
530-519 State Penitentiary (DOCR) Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
530-520 Roughrider Industries (DOCR) Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
540 Adjutant General/National Guard Becky Sicble/Barbara Dammen
601 Department of Commerce ---
602 Department of Agriculture Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
603 Dairy Promotion Commission Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
607 Milk Marketing Board Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
608 Oilseed Council Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
611 Soybean Council Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
613 Dry Pea & Lentil Council Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
614 Corn Utilization Council Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
616 Seed Department Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
624 Beef Commission Kim Wassim
625 Wheat Commission Kim Wassim
626 Barley Council Kim Wassim/Travis Engelhardt
665 Fair Association Leanne Schmidt/Barbara Dammen
670 Racing Commission Lynn Hart/Becky Sicble
701 Historical Society Barbara Dammen
709 Council on the Arts Becky Sicble/Barbara Dammen
720 Game & Fish Department Leanne Schmidt/Travis Engelhardt
750 Parks & Recreation Department Travis Engelhardt/Leanne Schmidt
770 Water Commission Becky Sicble
801 Department of Transportation Leanne Schmidt/Travis Engelhardt/Becky Sicble
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