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600 E Boulevard Ave
Dept 113
Bismarck, ND 58505-0120

Phone · 701.328.3290
Fax · 701.328.1475
Email · hrms@nd.gov

Employment Verification · 701.328.2677

State Government Student Internship Stipend Program

Welcome State Agencies

The North Dakota State Government Student Internship Stipend Program provides an opportunity for students to work in state government where they will be exposed to the work of governing and introduced to the increasingly complex challenges facing North Dakota.

The program is administered by Human Resource Management Services (HRMS), a division of the ND Office of Management and Budget.

What Agencies Are Saying

It is a great program that allows college students to acquire experience in their fields as well as fulfilling credit requirements. The state is rewarded with professional work and good public relations nation-wide.

The intern was competent, energetic, professional, during her tenure in our LMI Center. She had brought strong writing skills, and quickly picked up project processes. She quickly became a valued team member and colleague. This was our LMI Center's first exposure to an internship. She did an excellent job, and represented the program very well. She brought energy and an excellent attitude along with her to the position. As well, she contributed greatly to the Oil & Gas project that she was hired to work on. Her quality of work, and writing skills, were also at a very high level. I was very pleased with the whole experience and wish her the best on future endeavors.

I am very thankful for this program. It really gives the intern a good idea of the real working world.

The State Government Student Internship Stipend Program

The State Government Student Internship Stipend Program is designed to integrate education with practical experience.  It is an opportunity for a student engaged in a specific course of study to assist an agency with a project or initiative related to the student’s academic work.  The Internship Stipend Program will help supplement the funds agencies have available so students can more readily be hired.

The purpose of hiring an intern is to provide the student with knowledge of and professional experience in those job duties and skills within a specific North Dakota State Government Executive Branch (excluding Higher Education) that match their collegiate background.  

Executive Branch Agencies (excluding Higher Education) must submit a completed Internship Work Plan (SFN 59150) to HRMS for approval.

The internship work plan should be designed to provide a training opportunity that is meaningful to the intern as well as helpful to your agency.  The goals and duties of the internship should enhance the students resume; job duties must be related to the intern’s academic career goal or field of study.   

As you identify elements needed to create a work plan and evaluation criteria keep these considerations in mind:

  1. The job duties and responsibilities must align with the job class. To develop a familiarity with the agencies operations, offer a wide variety of experiences to maximize student learning, specify course or subject knowledge needed to participate in the internship.  Recognize that lower level responsibilities are assigned with the intent of developing progressively complex responsibilities.
  2. Develop a work plan that outlines the student’s progressive responsibilities and advancement.  The plan should identify the knowledge and skills required to perform the different levels of work.  Condense these into learning objectives or goals that define what each segments of training covers, how much time the training plan is expected to take and what the sequence of learning objectives is.
  3. Determine the evaluation criteria.  Track the student’s progress using the training criteria.  Provide feedback to the student as they progress through the work plan.

At the end of the internship, both the intern and the agency should complete an exit interview. This provides HRMS valuable feedback for future planning.

Veterans’ preference does not apply to state government internships.

Anyone desiring further information regarding internships in state government should read the Agency Internship Factsheet.  For questions or comments contact:

Barbara Dammen
Human Resource Management Services
600 E. Boulevard Ave. - 14th Floor
Bismarck, ND 58505-0120
701.328.3374 · phone
800.366.6888 · TDD

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