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600 E Boulevard Ave
Dept 113
Bismarck, ND 58505-0120

Phone · 701.328.3290
Fax · 701.328.1475
Email · hrms@nd.gov

Employment Verification · 701.328.2677

State Employees: Training Classes for ND State Employees

Dealing With Difficult People

Course Contents

A co-worker is so unapproachable that you'd rather try talking to the Great Wall of China. All your attempts at communication end up with your words bouncing back at you. And then there's Mr. Mount St. Helens . . . the man has an impossibly short fuse. He blows up at the slightest provocation and seems to always be close to the boiling point about something. Not to mention the one who has to complain about nearly everything possible; the boss, the neighbors, the software you use, the weather, her son-in-law, the government . . . .; you've started bringing cheese to work so she has something to go with her whine. So, what do you do? You are almost always easy to approach, never lose your temper like him, and you don't constantly complain . . . why is it always others who are difficult? How do you deal with them?

All of us know or have known difficult people, and most of us will admit to having been difficult a time or two in our lives as well. This course, which is based on research by Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner, delves into the makeup of difficult behavior, the factors that cause difficult behavior (including such concepts as "Assertiveness level" and whether one is "task focused" or "people focused"), the characteristics of "extremes" (which is part of what defines difficult behavior), and the resulting 12 styles of behavior. You will also learn specific ways to deal with each of the 12 difficult styles.


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