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New and Updated GIS Hub Data Information

The GIS Hub is periodically updated with new or modified data. Use the 'Advanced' search in the Hub Data Portal to search by date range of when data was loaded or updated.

There are two ways of automatically being notified of data additions/updates on the GIS Hub, the ND GIS Hub Twitter feed and the GIS Hub Data Portal RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.


Information regarding new and updated data information is posted at http://twitter.com/ndgishub. Other information of interest is also displayed in this Twitter feed so following the ND GIS Hub Twitter feed is a good way to stay informed of GIS Hub and related activities.

There are several ways to automatically receive these Tweets. Two suggested methods, though not necessarily recommended, are TweetDeck and TwInbox . TweetDeck can be used on the desktop and on mobile devices. TwInbox is used with Microsoft Outlook with the Tweets coming directly into the Outlook folder of your choice.

Hub Data Portal RSS

Information regarding new and updated information is automatically listed in the Hub Data Portal RSS which is accessed from the Hub Data Portal and clicking on the GeoRSS icon in the lower left.

There are a number of RSS readers. One method that works well is to use the built-in RSS tool in Outlook. To set this up, locate the Account Settings option then click on the RSS Feeds tab. Click on New and for the location of the RSS feed, enter “https://apps.nd.gov/hubdataportal/srv/en/rss.latest?georss=simplepoint” without the quotes and then provide a feed name of your choice, e.g., North Dakota GIS Hub Data Portal. After this is set up the RSS feed name that you specified will appear in your Outlook, under the RSS Feeds folder. Within that RSS feed name the RSS items will appear.

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