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Picture of ND State Capitol Building Facility Management Division
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Pictue of old capitol
constructed during the territorial period (1883-4)

Picture of old capitol buring
Fire consumed the Capitol on the night of December 28, 1930.

Picture of 1st Capitol being dynamited
Dynamiting the 1st Capitol 1931. Notice how close it was sitting to Sakakawea.

Picture of Capitol

The second and present Capitol was completed in 1934, in the depths of the Great Depression.

All the outside stone carvings were omitted to save money; but extra thickness of stone was provided so that this ornamentation may be added at any future time. Provision was made by the architects to carve the two stones in the front of the pylons at each side of the plaza steps, and also the large soffitt stones over the windows of the legislative chambers. It was intended to carve these stones on the job as this work is usually done this way, but as the contracts had not been let, but only an allowance set up in the General Contract, this work was omitted, and can be done at any time with out loss if it is desired later. The original credit that was set up in the General Contract for carving and models was $26,650.

Pictue of striking workers

The WPA workers (Works Progress Administration), made .30 cents per hour and went on strike to get .50 cents.

Picture of Capitol under Martial Law
Capitol went under martial Law 6-1-33.