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Statues and Monuments Located at the Capitol Complex

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Sakakawea - Donated October 11, 1910. The statue of the Shoshone Indian "Bird Woman" who in 1805 guided the Lewis and Clark expedition from Missouri River to the Yellowstone was dedicated to the State of North Dakota. Leonard Crunelle was the sculptor of the Sakakawea statue. Sakakawea is located directly north of the Liberty Memorial Building. Sakakawea's baby Jean Baptist Charbonneau (Pomp) was born on February 11, 1805. October 2003 a replica of Sakakawea will be placed in the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC.

U.S.S. North Dakota Bowplate - Donated 1912-1913, by the United States Navy and is located south of the Heritage Center on the lawn.

John Burke - North Dakota Legislator, Governor 1907-1913, Supreme Court Justice 1925-1937, and a U.S. Treasurer. John Burke lived in Devils Lake, North Dakota but was born in Sigourney, Iowa February 25, 1859 and died on May 14, 1937, at the age of 47 in Rochester, MN. The Statue was donated February 15, 1963 and is located in front of the Capitol Building. This statue is also located at the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC.

Pioneer Family - Donated in 1946 Avard Fairbanks was the sculptor. The Pioneer Family was dedicated to honor the memory of the great northwest.

French Gratitude - The box car was donated on February 9, 1949 by the people of France. This box car and many others like it transported approximately 40 soldiers or 8 horses to and from fighting fronts in France during WWI and WWII.

Buffalo - Donated September 12, 1986, sculptor is Bennett Brein. Located in front of the Heritage Center.

Natural Prairie Area - Dedicated in 1987. This area has been registered as a North Dakota natural area by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation department and the North Dakota Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Located northeast of the Capitol Complex Maintenance Building.

Fossilized Meta-Sequoia Tree Stumps - Donated October 20, 1988. Approximately sixty million years old, from Amidon, North Dakota. Located in the Centennial Grove.

Fossilized Meat-Sequoia Tree - Donated on May 3, 1991. The fossilized tree was found in the lake bed of Sakakawea, North Dakota is estimated to be fifty-seven million years old. Located in Centennial Grove.

All Veterans Centennial Memorial - Dedicated June 10, 1989. This monument is dedicated to all North Dakotans who served in the armed forces during the first 100 years of statehood. Inscribed on the bronze tablets permanently encased are the 4,050 men and women who have given their lives during the nation's wars. Located south of the Heritage Center.

Pioneers of the Future - Dedicated in 1989. The threshold of the new space age and the young people will be the pioneers, carrying with them the heritage of North Dakota into the next 100 years.

Peace Officers Memorial - Dedicated May 21, 1994. The monument is dedicated to the memory of those Peace Officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Inscribed on the bronze tablets - permanently encased in the Peace Officers Memorial are the names of the Peace Officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Located east of the Judicial Wing main entrance.

Horse "Cortes" - Donated July 22, 1994, sculpture Bennett W. Brein. Located on the west mall road, directly south of the Legislative Chambers.

Purple Heart Memorial - Donated November 11, 2005, the memorial was a gift to the State of North Dakota from the Military Order of the Purple Heart it was coordinated by Arnold Maier.

The Mandan Earth Lodge crumbled beyond repair.

Theodore Roosevelt Cabin has been moved to Medora ND.

The Liberty Bell that was in Memorial Hall is now on display at Century High School.