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Re-Education Requirements

General Re-education Requirements: 2 and 5 Year Renewals: 67.1-02-02-04

  1. A two-year renewal will be issued to those applicants reentering the profession after an absence of five years, or to applicants with less than eighteen months of contracted teaching in North Dakota, that meet the renewal requirements and pay the required fees. Applicants reentering the profession must complete eight semester hours of reeducation credits during their first two years of contracted employment. Substitute teachers must maintain a valid teaching certificate using the two-year renewal cycle, but are not required to submit reeducation hours unless they sign a contract. Initial applicants from out-of-state who have had an absence from the profession of five years or more must meet the requirements of North Dakota initial certification as stated in Section 67.1-02-02-02 and must also complete the requirements for reentry education as stated in this section.
  2. The initial five-year renewal will be issued to those applicants who have successfully taught eighteen months in the state on a valid North Dakota certificate. All five-year certification applications must be accompanied by a fee of one hundred ($125) dollars. Succeeding five-year renewals require evidence of thirty teaching days of contracted service and completion of a minimum of four semester hours of reeducation credit to avoid reverting to entry status. Three recommendations are required. Two of the recommendations must be secured from the most recent employing board, supervisors, and administrators. One of the recommendations may be a person of the applicant's choice with knowledge of the applicant's teaching potential and character. If the applicant has not taught in the last three years or it is impossible to secure recommendations from supervisors or administrators, then recommendations must be secured from individuals who can speak with regard to the teaching potential and character of the applicant.
    1. Renewal applicants who have completed the four semester hours of credit but is have not been contracted for at least 30 days under the five-year certificate will revert to the two-year renewal cycle.
    2. Renewal applicants who have failed to complete the four semester hours of reeducation credit (whether the applicant has been contracted or not), will either not be renewed, or they may agree to be placed on two-year probation. Eight semester hours of reeducation credit must be supplied during the period of the two-year probationary certificate. Applicants failing to complete the probation credit requirements will not be renewed. The fee for the two-year probationary certificate is $70.
    3. If recommendations are not adequate to issue a five-year certificate, the education standards and practices board shall provide a hearing following North Dakota Century Code chapter 28-32. The procedure must be as provided in North Dakota Century Code section 28-32-05. Following the hearing procedure, the education standards and practices board shall make a determination whether to issue a renewal to the applicant; or deny recertification.

History: Effective July 1, 1995; amended effective October 1, 1998.
General Authority: NDCC 15-36-01, 28-32-02
Law Implemented: NDCC 15-36-01, 15-36-08, 15-38-18

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