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Re-Education Requirements

Re-education To Teach At Another Level Or In Another Content Area: Bilingual Education or English as a Second Language Endorsement: 67.1-02-03-05

Reeducation for a "bilingual education or English as a second language" endorsement for any certified teacher may be accomplished by presenting at least sixteen semester hours or twenty-four quarter hours of college course work in all of the following areas:

  1. Foundations. Four semester hours or six quarter hours of college course work including the following:
    1. Multicultural education, which involves a knowledge of ethnic groups in North Dakota and the United States, different instructional methods to use with different ethnic and language groups.
    2. Foundations of bilingual education, which involves models of bilingual education; research on the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of bilingual education; history of bilingual education; and significant laws and court decisions affecting language minority students.
  2. Linguistics. Six semester or nine quarter hours of college course work including the following areas:
    1. Linguistics, which involves the nature of language, organizational principles of language (phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics), principles of language change, and development of language families.
    2. Psycholinguistics, which involves first and second language, oral and written acquisition processes, and learning theories.
    3. Sociolinguistics, which involves basic sociocultural variables in language use and language learning, types of bilingual and multilingual educational situations, and social determinants of dialect and style.
  3. Methods. Two semester or three quarter hours of college course work including the following:
    1. Methods of teaching English as a second language to students, which involves an exploration of historical and current instructional approaches in teaching English as second language, from the grammar-translation method to the natural method.
    2. Methods of teaching bilingual education, which involves an understanding of instructional programs in bilingual education, such as immersion, transitional, early entry, and late entry.
  4. Assessment. Two semester hours or three quarter hours of college course work from assessment and testing of culturally diverse students which involves a study of culturally appropriate assessment tools and methods of identifying and assessing limited English proficient students.
  5. Field experience. Two semester or three quarter hours of college course work in field teaching experience with limited English proficient students in a bilingual or English as a second language setting.

Reeducation for the bilingual/ESL endorsement must be completed prior to assignment to teach bilingual/ESL.

History: Effective July 1, 1995; amended effective October 1, 1998.
General Authority: NDCC 15-36-01, 28-32-02
Law Implemented: NDCC 15-36-01

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