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If a political subdivision submitted an application in a previous grant round and did not receive funding, does that political subdivision need to re-submit an application?

Yes, interested eligible applicants should resubmit if they seek funds under each grant round. Application requirements and information may change from quarter to quarter in order to meet the focus of each grant round.

If the priority of the current grant rounds is not focused on my political subdivision, can other political subdivisions still apply?

Yes, any eligible political subdivision may apply, however, the priority during each grant round will change and the likelihood of other projects receiving a grant is small.

There will be a minimum of 4 grant rounds each fiscal year and each grant round will focus on one or more project types and different political subdivisions. A political subdivision’s chances of receiving a grant will be greater if the application is submitted during the quarterly grant round that focuses on its type of grant.

Please refer to the Energy Infrastructure and Impact webpage for current grant round priorities.

Our political subdivision city/county/ fire department (etc.) has already built or purchased an asset, can it apply for a grant to recoup that cost?

While potentially eligible, previously completed projects or purchases may receive a lower priority in consideration of grant awards. The focus of the program is to enhance or repair public infrastructure impacted by oil and gas activity, particularly by entities that have limited sources of funds available to complete the project.

Will applicants which have funds available to contribute to their projects score higher when their applications are ranked because they are contributing funds to the project?

Applications will be ranked in part based on available funds local government applicants can contribute to the project and on a demonstrated lack of funds to contribute to the project as well. It is not only a lack of available money or local commitment, but rather a blend of both that will considered in the scoring criteria.

Our political subdivision’s application may not reach the Energy Impact office by the close of business on the deadline. Is there another route I can take to submit an application?

Mailed applications should be POSTMARKED by the date indicated as the closing date for the grant round. Applicants can send their applications by midnight of that deadline via email to Supporting documents can be included in the email, or deliver materials to the State Land Department located at 1707 N 9th Street, Bismarck, ND 58506 in a follow-up mailing.

Our emergency services entity is not a political subdivision with taxing authority. Are we able to still apply for a grant?

Entities that do not have taxing authority are not eligible to apply on their own. If the project being considered for an application shows a benefit to a taxing political subdivision, that political subdivision can complete and submit the grant application. If an award is made, the award would be made to the political subdivision submitting the application.