• Forms that are marked with a Y in the Fill column can be completed on-line through Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Users with Adobe 6.0 and above will need to change a setting before completing the forms so that the tabbing order works correctly. Open Adobe Acrobat, go to the tab on top labeled Edit, go to Preferences, and Accessibility. Make sure the box Use document structure for tab order when no explicit tab order is specified is not checked.
  • Dates must be entered in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.
  • When printing a form from Adobe Acrobat, the Page Scaling needs to be set to None. This can be found under File, Print, Page Handling Section. There will be a section called Page Scaling with drop down options. Please select None from those options. If any of the other options are selected, additional white space will be added to the margins of the form and the form will shrink.

Office of Administrative Hearings - Public Form(s)

17818 Request For Administrative Law Judge - Complaint 269 kb 05/08/2009
17819 Request For Administrative Law Judge - Appeal, Application, or Petition 282 kb 05/08/2009
17820 Request For Administrative Law Judge - Rules Hearing 18 kb 05/08/2009
17821 Request For Administrative Law Judge - Alternative Dispute Resolution 29 kb 05/08/2009