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Juvenile Corrections: North Dakota Youth Correctional Center


  1. Visitations are allowed for the North Dakota Youth Correctional (NDYCC) juveniles.
  2. Visitations are held Saturdays and Sundays in Centennial Hall from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  3. Arrangements for visitation are made through cottage staff, preferably at least 72 hours prior to the visit. No more than four visitors per juvenile at any time during the visit. No exceptions.
  4. Off-campus visits are determined by the Monthly Treatment Team Committee.
  5. Anyone planning a visit to the NDYCC requiring an auxiliary aid or service must contact and notify Mr. Tim Tausend at 701-667-1400 or ND Relay at 1-800-366-8888 at least five days prior to the scheduled visit.
  6. The Juvenile Services Program Director or designee may authorize visits outside normal visiting hours on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Visitor(s) will report to the Visitation Coordinator in Centennial Hall, will identify themselves and name the NDYCC juvenile they wish to visit. Proper picture identification may be requested.
  8. Visitor(s) and their personal belongings are subject to search by the Visitation Coordinator or other NDYCC staff if circumstances arise to maintain order and security.Small children must remain at the table with the NDYCC juvenile they are visiting.
  9. Visitor(s) must be appropriately dressed. Appropriate dress is at the discretion of the Visitation Coordinator.
  10. Small children must remain at the table with the NDYCC juvenile they are visiting.
  11. No food items, including candy, gum and beverages, are to be brought into Centennial Hall. Beverages (pop and juice) are available in the Centennial Hall Commissary Room and may be purchased by visitors only. Only one soft drink per juvenile per visit. NDYCC juveniles may not return to their respective cottages in possession of beverages.
  12. Juveniles are authorized to drink one cup of coffee during the visit.
  13. No items such as radios, stereos, headsets, newspapers, books, cameras, cellular phones, mail, electronic games, board games and cards of any kind, etc. are allowed. A variety of games and playing cards will be available for use during the visit. These may be obtained from the Visitation Coordinator.
  14. Purses/handbags and diaper bags are allowed, but are subject to search by the Visitation Coordinator's discretion.
  15. Visitor(s) may bring funds, stamps or personal pictures for the juveniles. The item(s) must be processed (examined and sealed in an envelope) by the Visitation Coordinator prior to the juvenile's return to the cottage. Any monies will be receipted and deposited in the student's account. Any item such as tennis shoes or a wrist watch must be pre-approved by cottage staff and documented on the juvenile's visitation slip by cottage staff. These items will be presented to and processed by the Visitation Coordinator.
  16. The NDYCC juvenile will not visit with anyone outside their authorized visitors (people at another table) unless specifically approved by the Visitation Coordinator.
  17. The NDYCC juveniles will ask the Visitation Coordinator's permission to use the restroom. They may not enter the restroom if occupied by another NDYCC juvenile or visitor.
  18. Once the visitor(s) arrives in Centennial Hall; they must remain in Centennial Hall until the entire visitation process is completed. Example: Visitors may not return to their vehicle for a smoke break
  19. Upon completion of the visit, NDYCC juveniles will say their "goodbyes" in Centennial Hall and will be sent to their respective cottages by the Visitation Coordinator. The visitor(s) will remain inside Centennial Hall and near the Visitation Coordinator until confirmation is received that the juvenile has arrived at his or her cottage. Only then may the visitor(s) depart Centennial Hall.
  20. The Visitation Coordinator has the authority to terminate a visit at any time that he or she believes the NDYCC's basic rules are being ignored or for any other reason they believe detrimental to safety and security.


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