Division of Juvenile Services

Division At-A-Glance
Address: 3100 Railroad Ave  PO Box 1898  Bismarck, ND 58502-1898
Phone and Fax: Phone (701) 328-6362  Fax (701) 628-6651

Community Services

ND Youth Correctional Center

ND Association of Counties

 Lisa Bjergaard  Director of Division of Juvenile Services
Lisa Bjergaard-Director of Division of Juvenile Services

Deputy Directors:
  Cory Pedersen (cpdedrs@nd.gov)
  Darrell Nitschke (dnitschk@nd.gov)
  Ron Crouse (rcrouse@nd.gov)

The Division of Juvenile Services (DJS) [NDCC 27-21] is responsible for the custody of delinquent and unruly children placed in its care by the courts. The Division includes the operation of the North Dakota Youth Correctional Center and Community Services including eight regional offices.

Community Services (in cooperation with the Department of Human Services, North Dakota Association of Counties, and the Department of Public Instruction) provides an array of placement options and services for troubled adolescents committed to its care and custody by the courts.  Among its programs are intensive in-home family services; intensive supervision and tracking, which provides frequent contact with youth; day treatment providing such services as assessment, counseling therapy, aggression replacement training, behavior management, and academic remediation; high risk drug and alcohol support groups; diversified occupations, a vocational educational program in school districts; and statewide detention support services designed to reduce the number of juveniles held in adult jails.