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Web File Transfer Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I'm a first time user and am trying to request an authorization for a Provider. The system tells me that a user is already registered and may generate an authorization for me. I don't understand this.

A. Authorization letters are only mailed to the provider when no users are currently registered to this application (Web File Transfer) for the provider. Once a user is registered, we will not send authorization mailings. Any registered user for the provider may generate an authorization code and give this to the user that needs to register.

Q. How do I register another user in my company to transfer files?

A. While logged into the application, make sure you have selected the provider that you wish to authorize another user under (for users with authorizations to multiple providers), select Provider Details from the main menu and then choose 'Generate Authorization Code for this Provider Now'. A new authorization code will be generated and displayed to you. Give this authorization code to the new user (should not be e-mailed).

A new user will need to register for a State of North Dakota login and log into the application. After logging in they will be asked to enter the provider number and authorization code you have generated. Once entered, they now have privileges to transfer files.

Existing users of the application will need to log into the application and choose 'Register for Provider Access' from the main menu. The user will be prompted for the provider number and authorization code. Once entered, the user will be returned to the main menu and the Provider they registered for is currently selected.

Q. How do I remove a user from performing file transfers on a provider?

A. Any registered user may remove users and generate authorizations for the provider(s) they have been authorized against. To remove a user, select the provider you wish to remove the user from and select 'Provider Details' from the main menu. In the provider details page all registered users are listed. To remove a user, simply select 'remove' next to the persons name. You will be prompted to confirm the removal, once the person is removed, they will need another authorization code generated to ever access the provider again.

Q. Can I remove myself from a provider?

A. Yes, you can remove yourself from accessing a provider. You may be logged off the application if you do not have any other provider authorizations. You will need to get an authorization generated from a registered user to gain access to the provider in the future.

Downloading Files

Q. Why should I right click on the file I wish to down load and select "Save As," why not just double click on it?

A. Once you have associated a file extension type with an application within your browser, you will never be prompted to save the file again. Your browser will always open the file in the program you specified.

Q. If I send in non-HIPAA files such as DD Services(non-ICF/MR), Personal Care or Basic Care, can I receive the results online, in the File Download portion of the application?

A. No, Only HIPAA compliant files that are uploaded in this application have their results available for online file downloading.

Uploading Files

Q. Which file type should I select?

A. If you are sending a HIPAA formatted file, select this option - no matter what service you are billing. Otherwise the only types of non-HIPAA compliant files that may be uploaded are listed. These are specific file formats used within the State of North Dakota.

Q. Can I see the files I uploaded?

A. No, after a file has been uploaded you cannot see the file nor a history of the files you have uploaded.

Please do not call DHS to inquire about the status of your file. If you have followed the steps for file transmission, then your file was submitted to DHS for payment.


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