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General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am supposed to receive a certain amount per month for child support. The amounts that I receive some months do not add up to the court ordered monthly amount and the checks are for different amounts.

A. In cases where an income withholding order has been issued to a payer to withhold the monthly amount, most times it is the employer's payroll period which can determine the time period and the amounts sent in on behalf of the obligor.

Examples: The court order is $100 per month or $1,200 yearly. The following may be the amounts sent in by the employer, depending on the employer payroll periods, prorated out for the upcoming year.

  • 12 pay periods per year = $100 per month (paid in one check)
  • 24 pay periods per year = $100 per month (paid in two $50 checks)
  • 26 pay periods per year = $100 per month (paid every other week @ $46.16 up to $100 for the month). Two months during the year will have three pay periods
  • 52 pay periods per year = $100 per month (paid once a week @ $23.08 up to $100 for the month). There will be four months during the year with a fifth pay period

In Examples (c) and (d), there will be months when the court ordered amount will not be received or paid out even though the income withholding is working properly. However, over a 6 month period for (c) and 3 month period for (d), as well as annually, the $1,200 would be forwarded to the family.

For the other cases, we pay out funds as received up to the monthly court ordered maximum.


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