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Child Support Division

General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to call the Regional Child Support Unit, the SDU, and the Clerk of Court to find out about my case or to be sure they have the new information I have provided, such as a name or address change?

A. The Regional Child Support Units, the SDU, IWIC, and the 53 Clerks of Court in North Dakota are all using the same computer system. This system is called Fully Automated Child Support Enforcement System (FACSES). They all have access to necessary information on your case as soon as the case is entered on the system. While each of these offices have access, they provide different services on your child support case:

Regional Child Support Unit (RCSU): Provides services on cases that have been referred to the child support program by a public assistance program and on cases in which an application for services has been received. Services include: locating non-custodial parents, establishing paternity; establishing and entering support orders; and periodically reviewing and adjusting support orders.

State Disbursement Unit (SDU): Receives payments from the employer or non-custodial parent and disburses the money to the appropriate parties. This used to be done by the Clerks of Court.

Income Withholding Issuance Center (IWIC): Administers income withholding for nonIV-D (i.e., Clerk of Court only) child support cases in North Dakota.

Clerk of Court: Monitors the court order; maintains the information related to the court order such as amount due, effective date and termination; issues some of the income withholding orders and requests Order to Show Cause hearings to be heard by the court.

To find out how you can view your case information or call in to obtain payment information, check out the links below.


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