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Employers: Income Withholding

North Dakota Century Code

14-09-09.10. Definitions. For the purposes of this chapter, unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires:

  1. "Arrears registry" means the registry maintained under section 50-09-02.7.
  2. "Business day" means every day that is not a Saturday or legal holiday.
  3. "Child support" means payments for the support of children and combined payments for the support of children and spouses or former spouses, however denominated, if the payment is required by the order of a court or other governmental agency having authority to issue such orders.
  4. "Child support agency" means the county social service board, any combination of county social service boards, or any entity created by a county social service board or any combination of county social service boards, in execution of the county social service board's duties under subsection 5 of section 50-09-03.
  5. "Delinquent" means a situation which occurs on the first working day after the day upon which a child support payment was identified as due and unpaid, and the total amount of unpaid child support is at least equal to the amount of child support payable in one month.
  6. "Disposable income" means gross income less deductions required by law for taxes and social security.
  7. "Employer" means income payer.
  8. "Health insurance" includes fees for service, health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization, comprehensive health association plan, accident and health insurance policies, group health plans as defined in section 607(1) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 [Pub. L. 99-272; 100 Stat. 281; 29 U.S.C. 1167(1)], and other types of coverage under which major medical coverage may be provided in a policy, plan, or contract which may legally be sold or provided in this state.
  9. "Income" means any form of payment, regardless of source, owed to an obligor, including any earned, unearned, taxable or nontaxable income, workforce safety and insurance benefits, disability benefits, unemployment compensation benefits, annuity and retirement benefits, but excluding public assistance benefits administered under state law.
  10. "Income payer" means any person, partnership, firm, corporation, limited liability company, association, political subdivision, or department or agency of the state or federal government owing income to an obligor and includes an obligor if the obligor is self-employed.
  11. "Monthly support obligation" means an amount of child support ordered by a court or administrative tribunal in a proceeding to establish or modify a child support obligation, including amounts that are deferred for payment at a later date. The term is defined without regard to any amount of child support that an obligor is required to pay to avoid being held in contempt of court. If an amount of past-due support has been ordered as a lump sum rather than determined on a monthly basis, "monthly support obligation" means one hundred sixty-eight dollars.
  12. "Obligee" means a person including a state or political subdivision to whom a duty of support is owed.
  13. "Obligor" means any person owing a duty of support.
  14. "Past-due support" means child support that is not paid by the earlier of:
    1. The date a court order or an order of an administrative process established under state law requires payment to be made; or
    2. The last day of the month or other period the payment was intended to over.
  15. "Payday" means the day upon which the income payer pays or otherwise credits the obligor.
  16. "Public authority" means the department of human services in execution of its duties pursuant to the state plan submitted under chapter 50-09 in conformance with title IV-D of the Social Security Act [Pub. L. 93-647; 88 Stat. 2351; 42 U.S.C. 651 et seq.].
  17. "System implementation date" means the date the public authority certifies to the secretary of state and the legislative council that the statewide automated data processing system, established under section 50-09-02.1, is operating.


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