Financial Help

Thank you for visiting the Financial Assistance section of the North Dakota Department of Human Services E-Manual system.  Select the program manuals you wish to view and you will be redirected to the appropriate policy manual.



Administrative Procedures 448-01



Aid to the Blind - Remedial Care 400-32



Basic Care Policy Manual 400-29 & 400-30



Child Care Assistance Policy Manual 400-28



Children's Hospice 575-05



Children with Medically Fragile Needs 585-05



Crossroads 401-01



Electronic Benefits Transfer 435



Healthy Steps - Children's Health Insurance Program 510-07



Home and Community Based Services 525-05



IV-E Foster Care 447-10



Energy Assistance Policy Manual 415



Medicaid Estate Recovery 450-01



Medicaid Policy Manual 510-05



Medicaid - ACA 510-03



Personal Care Services 535-05



Primary Care Case Management 510-06




Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program  Policy Manual 430-05



Subsidized Adoption Eligibility 447-05



TANF Policy Manual 400-19