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Medicaid Systems Project

Welcome to the North Dakota Medicaid Management Information System Project (ND MMIS)

The N.D. Department of Human Services is excited to announce the implementation of the new Medicaid Management Information System web portal.  The new MMIS will offer providers a user friendly self-service web portal that has many new features and benefits. 

In Phase One, the MMIS web portal will allow providers to enroll electronically, which is required for all new and existing providers. 

Phase Two, which will be implemented at a later date, will allow providers to directly enter claims or upload batch transactions and will also offer real-time access to member eligibility, claims status, remittance advice, payment status and claims history.  Additional details on Phase Two will be communicated at a later date.

Provider and Trading Partners/Clearinghouses Enrollment

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Recent Updates

Provider Enrollment Reminder - March 26, 2014

This letter is being sent to providers who do not appear in our new Medicaid Management Information System (Enterprise) that need to enroll in Enterprise in order to get paid once we transition to Enterprise. Letter to Trading Partners.

MMIS System Changes - March 25, 2014

Helpful Tips for Individual and Group providers - November 7, 2013

This Helpful Tips for Individual and Group Providers publication contains tips, FAQ’s, and general information to help both groups and individual completing the ND MMIS provider enrollment.  The Department highly recommends that providers read this prior to starting or submitting the enrollment application as this will provide information that will make the enrollment process much quicker and easier.

This document contains a section for individual professionals and a section for groups, please ensure that you are in the correct section as the information will vary from an individual to a group application.  It is also split into general information and then replicates important information for each section of the enrollment application.

Add an Additional Service Location and Provider Type Functionality - Oct. 11, 2013

The 'Add an Additional Service Location' and 'Add an Additional Type' functionality at the end of the enrollment applications is currently being disabled and should not be used going forward. All groups/facilities that must enroll multiple locations or provider types, a separate enrollment application is required for each location or type.

For those physicians who are completing an individual application, the 'Add an Additional Service Location' option should never be used.  An individual physician that renders services at multiple locations would use the 'Group Affiliations' section within the individual application.  This would associate this individual with each service location or group.

Ultimately, an individual physician is only required to be enrolled into the ND MMIS system one time, except when the physician has multiple provider types.  In this instance, a separate enrollment application is required for each provider type.

Electronic Transaction Submission - Sept. 11, 2013

In this section of the enrollment form, Vendor Software and Billing Agent/Clearinghouse should only be selected for groups or individuals that will be the billing entity for a Medicaid claim.  If an individual physician is part of a group and will strictly be the rendering provider, you would only need to select the North Dakota MMIS Web Portal option in the Electronic Transaction Submission section of the application.

Officials Discuss Medicaid Information System Schedule - Aug. 20, 2013

The N.D. Department of Human Services is anticipating a delay in the scheduled launch of the new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). The computer system has a contracted completion date of Oct. 1, 2013; however, the Department and Xerox State Healthcare are discussing a revised work plan for the project's completion and a new "go live" date. The department anticipates the new "go-live" date to shift to the second quarter of calendar year 2014.

Some important benchmarks have already been reached. Construction of the base system is complete and provider enrollment has been underway since April 2013. However, work continues to ensure that information from the department's 1970s era Legacy MMIS system is not compromised during the conversion to the new system.

Xerox is also under contract with other states, and North Dakota is tracking the success of the New Hampshire system (implemented in March 2013), and the Alaska project (set to be implemented in October 2013).

Provider Enrollment FAQ - June 25, 2013

List of Valid Provider Types, Specialty Types, and the Associated Taxonomy Codes for Individual Providers - Updated Jan. 9, 2014

List of Valid Provider Types, Specialty Types, and the Associated Taxonomy Codes for Group Providers - Updated Jan. 9, 2014

Letter to Trading Partners/Clearinghouses - May 8, 2013

Letter to Medicaid Providers - March 27, 2013

Companion Guides

The companion guides are for use by North Dakota Trading Partners upon implementation of the new Medicaid Management Information System.

Training Material and User Guides

Provider Toolkit
The Provider Toolkit will give you basic information and important tips about the new MMIS along with the benefits and features of the system.  It also provides a checklist of all documents, licenses, and certificates that should be available before beginning the enrollment process.  This is a convenient reference to help you begin the enrollment process.

Application User Guides
Application user guides will help you complete an enrollment application.

Contact Us

Medicaid Systems Project archived information

Additional information about the Medicaid Systems Project can be found at:  http://www.nd.gov/dhs/mmis/


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